Resolution 2016 Terminates No-Fly Zone Authorizations in Libya

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice today said the United States welcomes the Security Council has unanimously passed Resolution 2016 on Libya which terminates the protection of civilians and no-fly zone authorizations that were contained in historic Resolution 1973.

At the Security Council Stakeout, on the adoption of Resolution 2016 on Libya, Ms. Rice highlighted that it has been quite an extraordinary period of activity for the Security Council, as well as for the United States, NATO, and Arab partners who participated in the enforcement of Resolution 1973.

“And today, many months later, we have the prospect for a free and inclusive Libya, in which the aspirations of the Libyan people can finally be realized in the wake of the transition that’s underway.” -Ms. Clinton

She cited that the United States is very concerned that the authorities make maximum effort to swiftly form an inclusive government that incorporates all aspects of Libyan society. She added that the new government will respect the rights of all Libyan people, regardless of their gender, their

religion, their region of origin.

“But for the United States, and, I think, for the United Nations Security Council, this closes what I think history will judge to be a proud chapter in the Security Council’s history, and an experience where it acted promptly and effectively to prevent mass slaughter in Benghazi and other parts of the east, and to effectively protect civilians over the course of the last many months.” -Ms. Clinton

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