Has Missing English Instructor, Amy Ahearn Fled From The Lake Forest Area?

Amy Ahearn was last seen on September 9th when visiting some law offices in Norwalk, Ca. August 22nd is the day she went missing, since she was a no show for her teaching position at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. That’s better than a month and half since Amy was last seen. Some are saying that she’s living on the street or in a rented car, but the credibility of this claim can be called into question, since 48 days (by my calculation) have passed by since she’s last been spotted.

amy ahearn
Missing college instructor, Amy Ahearn’s condo complex in Lake Forest, Ca.

I’m certain that others are tossing around this postulate of a drastic departure. If Amy had remained in the immediate geographical vicinity of her home and workplace, she would have been located by now, I reason. Remember, 48 days have gone by since she was last seen! Is she hiding out in an alley, sleeping in an abandoned parking lot, or is a friend keeping her away from those most concerned? This scenario is unlikely, I have to say.

AA two
Missing English instructor, Amy Ahearn.

By all accounts the problems in Amy’s behavior are attributable to this disease, although it hasn’t been strictly proven yet she has Huntington’s. Clearly, Amy has shown obvious signs of paranoia, that date back as far as 2008, when students reported she preferred they not get within three feet of her. Furthermore, the themes for writing assignments were a little troubling, such as torture or rape.

amy ahearn jenny rogers
Amy’s sister, Jenny Rogers appeared on ABC 7 TV, and said that Amy believes someone wants to kill her.

Details are scarce on why Amy Ahearn believes this, and so we postulate her paranoia must be caused by an escalating condition of Huntington’s disease. While this can’t be proved yet, it is a reasonable assertion, without actually locating Ms Ahearn, who’ll need to be tested. We hear (and this solidifies the argument for her condition) her family has Huntington’s in its history.

The Orange County Register article talks about the mother having burned down the family (in Illinois) home in 2004, killing her and her husband. No more was said about this unfortunate incident. One can only imagine how troubling this event must have been (and still is) to Amy and to her sisters. We hear also that Amy went through a divorce recently. You add up some of these derailing factors and we can almost sense why she didn’t show up to school on August 22nd. *(Let’s find her!)

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