Islamic Front Leader Calls ISIS Caliphate a Narcissistic Dream

The self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (aka ISIS) has to be the most terrifying “Extreme Terrorist” group in the Middle East. They are now also beginning to reach into Africa, other locations, as well such as Gaza. It is hard to know where their reach might go if they are not stopped “dead in their tracks,” as they have been using Syria as a training ground for foreign fighters since their inception in May, 2014.

canadian isis
Canadian ISIS member recruiter, fighter, dead

The leaders of ISIS are ruthless. They perpetrate a cold-blooded form of extremist behavior that is unprecedented in the the Middle East. The “Islamic State” twists the foundations of the Islamic religion to lure people to their extremist lair. Other faithful Muslims arrive in Syria with good intentions. They come on a mission of Jihad to right an injustice caused by the Assad regime against his own people, and they just get pulled into the ISIS lair.

There is verified proof that ISIS is training Americans, Canadians, British, Danish, Dutch and many others. This is well known because these foreign fighters proudly make You-Tube videos discussing their exploits with ISIS and the “Jihad” they are on. It is sad that these usually young muslim men come to Syria and find ISIS with a true belief that they will be fighting for the freedom of Syrians, which is not The Islamic State’s” mission at all.

Canadian ISIS Member Says: We Are Coming for You Obama

The Islamic State (aka Daesh to Syrians) has suddenly jumped to the top of everyone’s radar. ISIS has caused the world to stop in jaw dropping disbelief at their heinous acts. It has been stunning how they have prominently walked over Iraqis and particularly in Mosul have made a stand against this interfaith community.

In Mosul, ISIS has told Christians to convert to Islam or leave. They have persecuted Shiite muslims equally. They have destroyed shrines that are not of the Sunni faith. The violations of human rights are no different than have been going on in Syria for nearly a year. ISIS has persecuted both Christians and Muslims, regardless of persuasion. In Syria, where most Muslims are Sunni, ISIS, who are also generally stated to be Sunni, have outwardly targeted Sunni Muslims for their moderate lifestyles.

ISIS has left scorched marks throughout Syria, some more horrifying than others. There have been photos and videos of executions, beheadings, stonings, and crucifixions. However, the single most gut wrenching video that came to me this week was from the Islam Army (Islamic Front) when they discovered that ISIS had been hoarding food from starving people. This video below is of the ISIS storage hideout where tons of food was found, some obviously poorly stored.

ISIS was not only hoarding food, they were storing huge amounts of explosives. The Islam Army was able to find this cache before ISIS was able to deploy these explosives, however, the place where they were stored is a danger zone. There certainly wasn’t any consideration about the possibility that these explosives might go off and kill scores of innocent people within range.

Canadian Recruits Others, Dies On Battlefield

The scary part about ISIS is that they are now advertising on YouTube as if they are a wonderful organization to join. They are using a young Canadian to quietly speak to the youth of Canada and the United States to join him in Syria. The video shows an area that looks like a resort in Cabo San Lucas.

As Nehad Ismail, Middle Eastern Expert and Broadcast Journalist, recently said “The greatest mistake the Obama administration has made is not arming the moderate Syrian Opposition.”

ISIS has recently been moving into areas and challenging the Assad regime’s forces on several fronts. This may seem like good news as Assad is weakening. He has unfortunately been reduced to recruit younger Syrians to fight for him, children under the age of 18 years old. On the other hand, Assad really doesn’t seem to care anymore who is fighting the battle and who is dying. Certainly it has been proven that ISIS is part of the Assad terror network. It is not so out of reason to think that this Human Monster would put young Alawite soldiers whom he has no commitment to against ISIS who are the cruelest mutants he could find knowing that in the end it is the “Terror Network” that will survive.

Sharia Council Leader Talks About ISIS, Caliphate

In a Sharia Council set up to resolve a dispute between the Islamic Front and the al-Nusra Front, Abu Abdulmalek (head of the Sharia Council of the Islamic Front), announces the two groups resolve to take their differences. The dispute derived from al-Nusra declaring territory as their caliphate. During his announcement, Abu Abdulmalek made poignant remarks about the Caliphate in general and ISIS in particular that were both interesting and provide a bridge to understanding:

“Among the multiple pains of Muslims, and among their hard times and fitna from inside and outside enemies, and among the series of the absurd positions of the Kharijites of the time in which they manipulate the laws of Islam, the path of Jihad and the interests of the Ummah, and after the gang of Al-Baghdadi has done everything of the Kharijites’ deeds: heresies, radicalism, spreading corruption, and declaring Muslims as apostates, then their leader showed up to announce a claimed Caliphate which is very far from the path of prophets, the way of Al-Rashidun, and the understanding of the scholars and the specialists.

We are going to clarify some points about the laws that rule declaring an Imam (Caliph) … Claiming a Caliphate without achieving its conditions is a recurrent phenomenon throughout history … And because of the numerous fake claiming of the Caliphate, some people believe in the Caliphs until they discover after a period of time the lies and falsehood.

So, a Caliphate is not narcissistic dreams in which lovers live happy life; a Caliphate is a kind of worship that defends the Ummah’s necessities and needs the way Allah wants; a Caliphate establishes justice inside the State’s borders.

In addition, all people know that the powerful situation of the Kharijites of ISIS now will perish very soon for the following reasons: the war is still there; weapons are spread among people; some people wear the clothes of Jihad to gain personal benefits and personal revenge. The existence of mercenaries who aim to deepen the differences and disagreement; and add to that the hatred by a lot of people against the Kharijites of ISIS as a result of their murders and shedding the innocent blood of even the Mujahideen and their leaders and even the public.

All the previous examples lead to the weakening the ‘claimed power’ at a first incident; then how it is said that the situation became stable for these Kharijites who did not join a battlefield of Jihad without destroying it, and did not enter a village until they corrupted it, and whosoever gives them the Bay’ah (out of fear) denies it very soon at the first gain or loss they encounter.

Sharia orders the Muslim to listen and obey if ruler proved his triumph and stability, this is in order to preserve the features of Sharia and goals of Islam; our prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Even if the one appointed over you is a mutilated Ethiopian slave whose nose and ears have been cut off, listen to him and obey, so long as he leads you according to the Book of Allah’ … The prophet [Ibn Taymiyah] (peace be upon him) ordered that the known Imams who have power that enables them to rule people should be obeyed.

We see in the announcement of the Caliphate by the Kharijites of ISIS a malicious cunning against the Sunni Muslims in the area, which leads to battles among their ranks, that scatter their power and provide the enemies of Islam all the sorts of excuses to start wars against the Muslim people and to divide their lands and steal their fortunes; and thus ISIS wastes the Ummah’s elements of advancement and delays the latter for a very long period of time; moreover, ISIS provokes the Ummah when they use its unripe fortunes before they are ready to be exposed in order to destroy them completely.”

There Is No Partial Exit Plan For ISIS

It is time for the U.S. and other allies to take action starting in Syria and moving across the border into Iraq

Kimberly Jones is a global nomad with a special interest in the Middle East and North Africa. She grew up in Saudi Arabia and traveled throughout the MENA growing deeply attached to the people and the culture.