ISIS Beheads Second Japanese Hostage, Kenji Goto

Another Murder By ISIS

The world was stunned again by the barbaric beheading of a second Japanese hostage, Kenji Moto, by Islamic State militants.

Prior to the murder, the ISIS militants demanded the release of a prisoner jailed in Jordan 10 years ago, in exchange for Mr. Goto. However, the demand was not realized despite international effort, leading to the demise of the Japanese hostage.

A joint US Iraqi training exercise near Ramadi in November 2009. ISIS has declared the city to be its capital.

According to media reportS, ISIS released a video which was uploaded to the internet, showing the beheaded body of Goto.

The video was released a week after footage showing the beheaded body of another Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa, who was also captured by the militants in Syria.

Goto was a 47 year old veteran war correspondent captured by the militants in October last year when he went to Syria as part of the effort to release Yukawa.

Who is Kenji Goto?

Mr. Kenji Goto worked as a full-time war correspondent in 1996. The journalist has made his name as an efficient operator for Japanese broadcasters.

In October, Goto’s wife had a baby, the couple’s second child, in his second marriage. The journalist traveled from Tokyo to Istanbul and from there to Syria.

He appeared in a video on January 20 appearing to show both Japanese men with threats to kill them unless the group received $200 million in ransom.

US Condemns The Killing of Japanese Hostage

The United States expressed condemnation of the militant group’s vicious murder of the Japanese journalist.

Secretary of State John Kerry issued a formal statement and extended his sincere and heartfelt condolences to Mr Goto’s wife, family, and loved ones, as well as to the people of Japan.

“The barbaric killing of Kenji Goto, and of Haruna Yukawa before him, shows again [their] brutality and extremist agenda.” – Seccretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry said the United States knows this pain on a personal level, born of its own experience.

The US says it shares sorrow and continues to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its ally Japan in confronting terrorism.

Secretary Kerry also commended Japan for its support for those in the region who have been displaced by ISIS, the Syrian regime, and other militant groups.

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