Is Life Returning to Normal in Libya?

Headlines have been coming out of Libya over the past several weeks that militias running rampant, separatists all over the place, an economy in ruins, and Qadhafi elements are back on track trying to destabilize the country.

So, what is the real score about the real situation in Libya after Qadhafi’s demise?

The United States of America today said people get a false sense of exactly what’s going on in Libya.

US States Senior Administration Official today stressed that there are several challenges that his government is facing right now.

“Life is returning to normal in Libya, or better than normal, many Libyans would say looking back at, quote-unquote, “normal” under Qadhafi.” -US States Senior Administration Official

Thousands of demonstrators gather in Bayda, Libya.

Reports say schools and universities are open, cafes and restaurants are open, stores are stocked with local, imported goods.

The Libyan airport has opened again. It’s full of international travelers seeking new investment opportunities as well.

Public life is evolving as a lively debate with civil society groups, the media, government officials all taking part, according to US State Department.

According to media reports, Libyans are now exercising their newfound freedoms in ways previously unimaginable.

“The sense of a people breathing freedom for the first time is palpable. They’re holding peaceful protests, they’re forming political parties. You can’t spend a night without getting invited to the launch of a new political party.” -US States Senior Administration Official

NGOs are filling the airwaves and neighborhood cafes are bristling with passionate discussions about every topic under the sun, US States Senior Administration Official reported.

Commerce has returned to Libya. Some local businesses report booming sales as well.

The US States Senior Administration Official reports that public confidence in the banking sector has resumed. Banks are witnessing the daily flurry of customers making deposits and withdrawals.

“The Central Bank of Libya is now free of sanctions, has an estimated $100 billion worldwide, and all of this money is now at the full disposal of the Libyan Government.” -US States Senior Administration Official

However, on the militia and the disarmament aspect, it remains a concern of the government.

The United States is working very hard with them, along with the international community, on the conventional weapons. I

The United States has worked together to account for nearly 5,000 such weapons, the MANPADS and the components.

Media reports say Libyan electoral commission is up. There’s electoral law.

The United States is a very firm partner with Libya during these past several months.

US States Senior Administration Official stresses that the issue of the U.S.-Libya partnership was a main theme of the discussion with the President and certainly with the Secretary of State.

US States Senior Administration Official underlines that it’s true government is struggling with some very, very difficult issues. However, the Libyan people have made significant progress in rebuilding after the revolution.

“The United States intends to be a firm partner with them. Just as we supported them during the revolution, we’re also making robust efforts and commitments to help them during this very, very critical time in their history.” -US States Senior Administration Official

National Transitional Council (NTC) declared the full liberation of Libya on 23 October, more than eight months after the start of the popular uprising against the regime of long-time ruler Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi.

Mr. Qadhafi, who had been on the run as his regime collapsed, was captured by then opposition fighters on 20 October and killed.

Libya had been engulfed by fighting since a pro-democracy movement opposed to the regime of Muammar al-Qadhafi emerged in February 2011 following similar protests in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries across North Africa and the Middle East.

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