Is Iran a Threat to The Entire Free World’s Security and Stability?

The world is currently busy with speculation, postulation and guessing game as to when Iran will own its atomic bomb and will Israel attack Iran, to prevent the Mullahs’ region from acquiring the nuclear weapons, destined for the destruction of Israel and the USA.

The notion that Iran, an irrational Moslem regime, with martyrdom aspiration and Nazi ideology will own nuclear arsenal is frightening, beyond words.

The voices of the pundits resonate: Iran simply cannot become a nuclear power. Yet, the decision makers, who can still stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, are under paralysis of to attack or not to attack Iran. No one can take the bull by its horn and make the right decision, to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. If Iran, the number one terror exporter in the world, is not stopped, the entire world becomes a very unsafe place to live. None of the hesitant leaders will be safe when the final hour comes!

The entire west is acting as Neville Chamberlain did prior to WWII time 1,000,000!

This week U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton appeared enthusiastic and have welcomed Iran’s “willingness” to resume talks with world powers, after they have failed last year, in Istanbul. The two simply refuse to admit that Iran is playing its usual stalling game to gain the time it needs to finish its goal, completing the making of the Atomic bomb. These two women, who impact world policy, are cozying up to the mullahs who are laughing with despise, especially, when their respect for women, particularly western ones, resides at sub zero level.

I used to think that if women were to run the world, it would be a better world. But of course I had women in mind, not, frustrated idiots as these two are.

No matter what these two mentally handicapped globetrotters think, Israel must never allow herself to lose control of the situation and never allow a situation that will destroy the Jewish State.

Whether the Iranians in fact made a decision to assemble a nuclear weapon is irrelevant. The facts are that they continue to assemble, whatever is necessary, in order to make that nuclear weapon.

Ahmadinejad knows that those who talk, and the west is endlessly talking to each other, do not shoot. Therein lies the real problem; he is not scared of the trembling west and in fact he is challenging it daily.

Iran’s ongoing war games are a warning to the world: come get us.

By stalling, by applying ineffective sanctions and programs, by begging, thus appearing weak, Iran was given strength in its race for nuclear arms. In fact, it thinks it is so powerful, this week the regime stopped selling oil to Britain and France, waving the flag that the sanctions are ineffective and they can take such loss in their export of oil industry and survive the hardship.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu declared this week: Iran has no respect for International norms. And Iran will continue disrespecting the world until they are brought to a total submission.

Has the world gone berserk? I am not in a position to judge, but there is a good indication it has.

Earnestly, it would not be a destabilizing factor to the world if Israel were, God forbid, incinerated. Earth will continue circling the sun and world’s economy would hardly show a ripple. Is it not all that counts?

The fact is that Iran is a threat to the entire free world’s security and stability. It is not tiny Israel’s duty to defend the world from Iran, rather the United States, as the defended of the world free world that must take the lead here.

However, if the paralysis of action of present time remains, Israel will be forced to take the lead and attack Iran.

Of course there are many risks involved. Russia might have secretly given Iran more advanced surface-to-air missiles; refueling Israeli planes maybe interdicted along the overfly route, with potentially hostile countries; and Iran’s proxies, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas might find the time ripe to help their mother country and retaliate. Nonetheless, Israel has the wherewithal to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

What will it take? Get up and do it.

If Israel attacks Iran, for sure it will snot America’s panties; it will ruin Obama’s administration’s game plan. No member of the UN, EU and NATO Caucus wants to see Israel as the de facto leader of the free world, a shaky concept in itself. They are all players in the New World Order, where Israel is not a part, rather a target. They rather set up the situation to go down the tube and rid the world of a perceived thorn in its side-Israel.

At the minimal risk, that would place Israel in the position of a “war monger,” we must definitely promote her to use whatever it takes in weaponry, military manpower and the fortitude to defend herself. However, it will be better if Israel and other “free” countries allied to rid the Iranian’s terror apparatus. Only blockheaded, like Obama and his useful idiots followers believe that the Iranian regime devil worshippers can be reasoned with.

Israelis have nowhere to go. Therefore, they have no other option other than to defend themselves, regardless of world’s criticism, possible casualties, loss of military equipment and planes; Israel must use every warfare mean to defend herself, soonest. Every delay in not stopping Iran gets this subhuman regime stronger and smarter.

Israel is a sovereign state with the right and will to defend herself. There is no need to recall the Jews’ multiple mass “sacrifices,” on behalf of others and of their deaths and wounded, over wars and mass murders they did not provoked. And not just the 6 millions who were murdered in the Holocaust.

If, after the Holocaust, Israel accepts to be set up, I am afraid Israel does not deserve being anything but a victim; over 6 million Jewish victims who now live in Israel.

The correct response to Iran’s threats to wipe Israel of the world’s map and to the world’s ongoing warnings that she must not attack Iran is: death to the enemies that are preparing to destroy the Jewish State. The one who comes to kill you, rise and kill him first.

Countries like the United States, European countries and even Japan are concerned about the consequences to “the world” if Israel defends herself. In WWII Jews did not have a state, nor an army, and they could not defend themselves. Consequently, six million Jews were slaughtered by Nazi Germany, in a manner that no word, in any language, can describe such genocide. And the world long ago turned the page on the worst crime of human-beings against other human-beings that was ever perpetrated.

Japan has built nuclear power stations, placing them on top of one of the most tectonically active and shifting regions in the world. Three meltdowns are active at this moment, contaminating the world at large. So what gives the Japanese the right to tell Israel they are “concerned” about the consequences to “the world,” should Israel attack Iran and save the world by the gong?

The United States is demanding from Israel not to defend herself because it is a risk to the entire world. However, the USA has allocated huge arsenals to the enemies, which includes 90 strategic, variable yield nuclear bombs, stored in Turkey a state that is now supporting Iran in any way possible. This allocation was made a year or so ago in an agreement by Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, President Barack Obama and Turkey Prime Minister. Should the tide turn, what stops Turkey from giving those bombs to her friend Iran?

Over 50% of the American people favor that the United States attacks Iran. They do not mention any “risk,” rather that there is a risk if Iran acquires nuclear weapons.

Just about everyone is wailing about the “risks” that are attached to Israel’s attack on Iran. No one is really emphasizing the facts involved, should Israel be sitting duck and not attack Iran; that there is a vibrant possibility that close to seven million Jews will be attacked by a nuclear bomb and incinerate. After all, Iran had already declared to the world that it will take one nuclear bomb and nine minutes to wipe Israel off the map of the world.

No one is talking about the abuse perpetrated on sanctions on Iran. Many of the “participating” states are still selling nuclear related materials to Iran. That includes Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, England, Russia and China.

And the silence is deafening.

If the world will continue sitting idle, Israel must muster all the military and spiritual power and destroy Iran’s nuclear ambition.

Early March 2012, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is due to be meeting President Barack Obama in Washington. Netanyahu will request that the United States take the lead and attack Iran.

What a great opportunity it is for all the Jewish organizations and the pro-Israel non-Jewish organizations, such as CUFI, in unison, to call the White House and say: “Iran’s nuclear status is a huge global concern. It is President Obama’s full responsibility, as the leader of the Free World, not Israel, to take an immediate action to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear terrorist state!”

This is the kind of pressure now require, from every American who knows what is at stake.

On Israel’s behalf, whether or not they believe it will be effective but because it is the right thing to do, I am asking here that all Americans rise to this occasion and put on the Obama Administration pressure to attack Iran.

The American nation must pressure Obama to the point that he will be forced to fulfill his responsibility he took upon himself when he took office.

We have a great and perhaps the last opportunity to make our voices heard and let Iran know, who will have the last word.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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