Iranian People Protest Skyrocketing Currency Prices

Following the skyrocketing currency prices, an ongoing and growing rally protest is reported from inside of Iran.

Thousands of people merged at the market center after the dollar hit 9,000 Tomans.

Store-owners in the capital’s Aladdin bazaar began closing their shops one after another and marching towards the Charsou bazaar.

A businessman who runs a store at this mall explains that these marketers have long decided to close down but they would have had to pay the rents anyhow. This time no one was willing to take it any longer so they decided to close their shops today. They are watching to see what officials will do about it.

The merchants and marketers are rallying while chanting: “Leave Syria, think of us,” “we are all together.” “No fear, we’re all together” “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran.”

The demonstrators in different parts of Tehran are chanting:
“Strike, Strike,” “We don’t want US dollar at 100,000 rials.”

As skyrocketing currency prices cause problems for the people, the mullahs and their IRGC troops are in crisis. The Iranian Regime Hangs Innocent Prisoners as It Nears Its End, first torturing their political enemies to extract confessions. Despite campaigns by human rights organizations, calling for these false death penalties to end, the Iranian authorities are more interested in vengeance at any cost.

A 51-year-old bus driver, Mohammad Salas, was arrested on 19 February 2018 while taking part in a protest against Sufi repression. The only evidence against Mr. Salas was the false confession extracted under torture. The Supreme Court rejected his request for a judicial review, and he was executed on 18 June, 2018.