Iran Supports Asad Regime’s Vicious Assaults on Peaceful Protesters

The Syrian government continues to repress peaceful protesters by using brutal force in Syria.

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton today said two years ago, Iranian citizens went to the polls in the hopes of expressing their democratic rights.

“But the authorities in Tehran had no interest in the will of the people. When the people reached for their aspirations, the government responded with brutal repression.”

– Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton said that repression continues in the region, and Iran is supporting the Asad regime’s vicious assaults on peaceful protesters, and military actions against its own cities in Syria.

“The world was shocked by images of a 13-year-old Syrian boy, tortured and mutilated by Syrian security forces. It reminded us of a young Iranian woman, killed in the street two years ago for all to see.”

– Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton urged the international community to increase the pressure on Asad and his regime. She stressed the need for the international community to renew its resolve to stand with citizens including the citizens of Syria and Iran who yearn to be free and to exercise their universal rights.

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