Iran Sham Elections Result: United We Deceive!

A python will never give birth to a dove… will it?

In Iranian “Velayat Faghih” system of one unique supreme leadership ruling as representative of God on Earth, reform is only a disguise to outmaneuver existential threats of outside disbelieve and inside explosive dissatisfaction.

Lately we have been receiving pictures and clips of an outburst in election propaganda called the green trend as a backlash of intolerance and to ease explosive disbelief in the religious fascism in Iran. On the other hand fractional infightings have broaden and reached a grass root outburst in radical displays in public places- exhausting our comprehension of what really is happening, and immediately introducing the following puzzling question:

Is this an opening to “change” and if not, how is it possible to see people chanting “down with dictator” with the former suppressive guards watching and sometimes sharing with the crowd!?

tehran election protest

For anyone looking over this scene without the perception and background in sight of the nature of the “actors” involved in this scenario, it will be extremely difficult to refrain from falling into pitifuls of questions and confusion. Let us not forget the following “Velayat Fagih” absolute “verses” which are inalienable to any change proposed by any fraction “Come what May”!

– The Supreme leader is the only decision maker on “All matters” concerning the Islamic State.

– All four candidates have been filtered and accredited by the Supreme leader Khamenei.

– The Islamic Fascism is based, governed and controlled by a Constitution molded out of the “Velayat Fagahih” system and therefore is first and foremost bent to serve and preserve the Hardliners and the Supreme leader.

– The basic backbone of the main “control panels” of the State is under the tentacles of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who also control the Media, Economy and Suppressive elements in the society.

The calamity of the outcome of the “United deception front” engineered by the supreme leader himself and followed by some, is clearly depicted in reactions to the recent theatre displayed in so called “Mullahs style “presidential debates, in state run media.

The cast is an outrun and already old style one with an expert touch of using public sentiments and desires to cover bold realties with “what everyone aspires to see.”

Many confuse scavengers’ infightings over the victims’ corps as a plight for the rights of the Iranian populace and their basic right to know the truth.

A flood light on to Election sham scenario

This is an original cast, emerging the “On the stage” display of our actors with their “behind the stage credentials.”

Name of the play: Presidential Elections

Sponsored by: Khamenei and company – Iranian supreme leader

Production contract: REF&RADS production ( Reformists and Radicals)

Producer: Khamenei and company – Iranian supreme leader

Director: Khamenei and company – Iranian supreme leader

Choreographer: Khamenei and company – Iranian supreme leader

Words and Lyrics: Khamenei- Iranian supreme leader

Associated director: Khamenei – Iranian supreme leader

Music and special effects: State run media and TV in collaboration of the RGC and Bassidge voluntary participation

Based on the Novel “Reformists dialogue of civilizations and change” inspired by the famous reformist scriptwriter Khatami

Adapted from the Novel “Magnificent demagogue” Manu scripted personally by the Grand Ayatollah Khomieni


Major Role for President Ahmadinejad

Played by Ahmadinejad himself; with highly recommended and trained qualifications by the Supreme Leader himself and a complete CV on solid background on terrorist activities inside and outside Iran;

-Member of the central committee of the Office of Unity at the time of hostage taking at the US embassy

– One of the directives in the blood let “cultural revolution” in the Universities leaving hundreds killed and run into exile after 1979.

-Well trained officer of the terrorist Quods force in 1986, also serving at the 6th special corps of the IRGC. He worked there with Mohammad Naderi and Brig. Gen. Mashayekhi. Naderi is currently an IRGC official and Mashayekhi is the chief of staff at Ghorb Sharif, which is affiliated with the Qods Force- which later basically funded Ahmadinejads’ election campaign funds and back-up

– In 1996, responsible for extraterrestrial terrorist operations at a special IRGC brigade stationed at the Ramadan base near Kermanshah

-In 1989, involved in the 1989 assassination of a Kurdish opposition leader in Vienna according to a report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austrian government (July 2, 2005, the AFP)

-A former Evin prison torturer and coup de grace shooter (testimonies of former prisoners)

Second Role for opposition faction

The role taken over and played this year by MirHussaein Moussavi

– Chair of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Republic Party (1980) one of the official founders of the Islamic Republic party, which was Khomeini’s main political organ.

– The state prime minister directly ordering and supervising:

  • 144 assassinations abroad during his term as prime minister.
  • The executions of the 1980s (murdering of at least 90,000 prisoners)
  • The massacre of 30,000 people in 1988
  • The founding of the notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), and the subsequent chain killings of Iranian intellectuals.- Member of the Cultural Revolution Council since 1979, leading role in the Cultural Revolution organized to sift through any ideological resistance to the “Velayat Fagih conception” in Universities and intellectual institutions, leading to the blood let suppression of the Student protest in-Member of the Expediency Council directly responsible for all suppressive decisions, laws and bylaws in this relation.- Regime’s Foreign Minister and rigid defender of nuclear progress involved in covert nuclear operations during his period in office while introducing “peaceful nuclear activity as the basic right” of the mullahs regime.

Third role

This is a sensitive role, which would balance out by a third fiddler called Mehdi Karoubi, who has been one of the basic Pins of the Religious fascism in Iran since the foundation of the Velayat faghih in 1979.

-1979 appointed and trusted by Ayatollah Khomeini as the director of the Khomeini Aid Committee and the Shahid Foundation

– In the 1980s, as deputy speaker of Majilis had a direct role in the mass executions of opponents conducted by the clerical regime.

-1985 to 1990, as Khomeini’s representative in Haj pilgrimages carried out his orders to started turmoil during the Haj pilgrimage of 1987, which led to several hundred pilgrim deaths and injuries.

-In 1990, Karoubi actively supported Khomeini’s religious decree calling for the murder of the British author Salman Rushdi

-He arrested and finally killed his own father who was a supporter of the mullahs’ main opposition PMOI and had begun voicing concern over their massacre by the religious government at the time.

Shortcomings of the scenario

The script writer’s magnificent ability to display the characters viscous content in different molds really derived from his anti-social inhuman nature and rigid belief in strictly carrying his predecessors will to the end only for existential purposes.

But even under these acute circumstances – considering a wide spectrum of spectators with various expectations, differences of opinion and interpretations over the play, he has had exuberating immediate effects and some long term poisonous effects by allowing the players on stage in plain audience in a public debate.

The reason for concern is very simple; since our producer (Supreme leader Khamenei) has no rigid and reliable platform to rely his future success and the explosive mood of the people involved would not allow any slight mistake or maneuver NOT to go out of hand!

In other words, regardless of any outcome of the present play, in long term, the producer and the whole cast will be immensely shredded into future un-ending disputes, and open and bloody purges.

Solid unity and radical differences

The first outcome of Ahmadinejads revelations was Rafsanjani’s plea in an open letter to the supreme leader for “safeguarding the interest of the system”(meaning safeguarding his interests). This was immediately shunned back by the Supreme leader though a third party in a message reading; “Any one who is creating discontent by any means anywhere in the country is either a criminal or naive.” In another words he officially suppressed his main rival in the factional fighting’s and put an end to a long term covert dispute between himself and Rafsanjani.

This is only the beginning of a wave of purges at hand.

Ahmadinejad and his fellow actors display of revelations, although painful and repugnant for Iranians all around the world only surface gruesome embezzlements in billions , theft, universal murder and assassination and unprecedented demagoguery, revealed by the PMOI in the past 30 years.

Ahmadinejads brazen so called revelations and personal attacks well engineered by the producer of the play, has only paved the way for a radical wave of physical and political purges in the future structure of the religious regime in Iran.

They radically differ over power and wealth struggle but are devoted supporters of a strict fundamentalist foreign policy;

– Strictly resolve to obtain nuclear arsenal under any circumstances

– Strictly dedicated in export of terrorism and fundamentalism, taking advantage of religious beliefs in the region to visualize the strategic objectivity of Khomeini’s will: Conquer Jerusalem though Iraq and establish and Khomeini’s brand of an Islamic Empire.

– Eradicate the only pivotal existential threat and barrier to its progress: the PMOI

It is a cleverly arranged scenario which explains the vivid and puzzling contradiction to such emphatic internal fighting on one side and extreme unity towards head fighting International concerns on the other: United we deceive!