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CSH/SAzari is a journalist reporting on #Iran / #IranProtests, a freelance commentator, researcher-Policy advisor at ISCC/IHRM/CSDHI, and ground reporter at SA TV, who writes to be informative and educative and loves to receive feedback.
Khamenei's Regime at the Point of Collapse. Image from twitter screenshot.

Iran’s official: Khamenei Regime At The Point of Collapse

Iran's Khamenei regime has reached the brink of the abyss under the impact of the organized nationwide uprising (#iranrevolution) ongoing for the past 5 months.
answer to Khamenei

#Iran: Inspiring Message On The 105th Day of #IranRevolution

The clerical rulers of Iran and their fake elites are in a panic, pointing fingers at each other, and the IRGC can't believe they've served such miserable despots.

Iran’s Khamenei vs Iran protests: Implosion from within?

In his first speech about nationwide uprising, Iran's Khamenei criticized the system's "elites" and said:You should understand that the issue is not compassion...

MEK Women of Valor: 21st Century Resistance Fighters In Prison Called...

The portrayal of women warriors have been the subject of history, mythology, culture, film, folklore and gender studies. It is time to unravel a real ongoing epic involving 21st century women warriors who have not only outwitted their past ancestors

Is Iraq Embarking on Two-Pronged Strategy Against United States?

The innate nature of Islamic fascism founded by the clerics in Iran has been based on two pillars including expansion of terrorism -fundamentalism and suppression.

Will Rise of Islamic Fascism in Iran Wash Away Path to...

Recent conflicts are the tip of the iceberg. In depth research that will shed light onto the reason for the present situation and also the possibilities.
The salon misguided journalism

‘Salon’ Clumsy Reporting Irrefutably Biased and Pro-Ayatollah

It is misguiding to use the journalism profession as a tool for defamation. Ethical journalism still is a value to be protected.
Protected persosns Card of Camp Ashraf residents

Nothing Justifies US Inaction in Camp Ashraf’s Case

'Following crimes against humanity in Ashraf in July 2009 and April 2011, nothing justifies United States' refusal to interfere.

US Obligation is to Keep Eyes Closed on Camp Ashraf Massacre

In a move to finalize the plot against the residents in Ashraf with no political complications and collateral damage ,Iranian regime has established a joint security commission against Camp Ashraf.
killed for the love of Freedom Ashraf 8 may 2011

Massacre in Camp Ashraf: Humanity Betrayed, US Silent

It is a solemn moment for thousands as we stand and watch the International Community stand idly by, while the Iraqi pro Khamenei army massacres Ashraf residents : Humanity is Betrayed!
Good relations with Iran

Maliki vs Iraqi Law – Maliki Ultimate Test; Ashraf Residents Dying...

Life of 36 hostages closing in since 3 Court rullings to release them were rejected by Maliki. Summary of the threats against the residents of Ashraf illustrates the assault on Ashraf
Iran menace in Iraq, Ashraf solution

Tehran ‘s Hands in Iraqi Explosion; Where Does US Stand?

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari in his best words explained the truth behind the explosion; 'How could this truck pass unless there is collaboration. There was collaboration between security forces and the terrorist group.'
Ashraf attack 26 July 2009

Tell Me Why? Change: US Participates in Crimes Against Humanity at...

They pay the price for Freedom with flesh and blood in Iran and Camp Ashraf. Who is responsible and should we keep silent? Is this the change that America wanted?
killed in ashraf

Mother Says Her Last Words to Her Son, Killed in Ashraf

The mother of Hanif Emami, killed by bullet to the heart, by Iraqi Badr agents in Camp Ashraf, said goodbye to her son today. The struggle will continue.

Iran Sham Elections Result: United We Deceive!

In Iranian 'Velayat Faghih' system of one unique supreme leadership ruling as representative of God on Earth, reform is only a disguise to outmaneuver existential threats of outside disbelieve and inside explosive dissatisfaction.
Ana Maria Gomes

Iran-Iraq: MEP Ana Gomes, Savior of Scavengers?

Euro-MP washed away with Iranian regime intelligence information, stands agaisnt Humanitarian Resolution to save 3500 activists in Iraq.Mrs. Ana Maria Gomes from, Portugal in a debate during voting over the resolution gives reasons echoing Iranian L
Ahmadinejad and sticks

Mr.President! Why are Your Hands So RED?

The Durban conferences, for which the Iranian mullahs have spent millions of dollars was a very cleverly engineered setout, to create a rift among the 'United Nations' and disqualify the body.
Older French radicalsim, todays pragmatism

The French Connection: Iranian Mullahs in, PMOI out!

n 17 June 2003, French Intelligence in a coordinated act with Iranian intelligence, rampaged tens of NCRI homes and refugee shelters under the pretext of 'the combating terrorism act', resulting in 5 years of stalemate in lives of tens of Iranian
hemaghat nachari

EU Council With An Ace Up Its Sleeve

The KEY to the Iranian crisis in the region is helping the PMOI in its strive for establishing democracy in Iran. The question is 'Does the EU Council acknowledge that it has an Ace up its sleeve?

EU, EU shame on U!

EU court: the right to defense of the PMOI, violated by France It goes with out saying that 'the enemy of thy enemy is thy friend'.