Iran: Handful of Votes Under IRGC & Basij Presence Offer No Changes

Today, despite the propaganda by state media for a calm election, heavy security was deployed in the country to prevent opposition protests. Riot police officers had batons and tear gas in their bags ready to use and Basij militia loyal to the Khamenei were on main street corners and near polling stations to prevent a recurrence of the 2009 uprising.

A large number of Revolutionary Guards and paramilitary Basij members, alongside motorcycle units, were dispatched to the main streets of the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tabriz to terrify growing popular protests. Despite all this, Youths Protesting Sham Elections Despite Heavy IRGC & Basij Presence were seen early Thursday morning on May 18th. Brave youths in Isfahan, Qom and Tabriz held demonstrations protesting the mullahs’ sham election.

In Tehran youths staged demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in a number of areas, including the Valiasr-Taleghani intersection and Tajrish Square. The crowd was heard chanting, “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My Life For Iran” and “No Fear, No Fear, We Are All Together.” They continued their protests by clashing with the regime’s attacking repressive forces. A number of the protesting youths were apprehended and taken to unknown locations.

Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My Life For Iran

In Enghelab (Revolution) Square and the Naghsh-e Jahan area of Isfahan, youths were heard chanting, “Free Political Prisoners,” “Down With The Police,” “Raisi Is A Murderer,” referring to the conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi, and “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My Life For Iran.” The regime’s forces resorted to tear gas and they arrested a number of youths in their attempt to disperse the crowd.

In Tabriz, the youths were seen and heard chanting, “Raisi Can’t Endure It, Has Dispatched The Bassij.” Freedom-loving youths in Qom chanted, “Murderer Of 1988” in reference to Raisi and expressing their abhorrence regarding the election façade.

Today Voter turnout was unprecedentedly low, most of the people and groups have called for a boycott to protest the sham election.

On The Sham Election Day

The voters’ unconcern is quite noticeable and people have decided largely to stay home. As many independent eyewitnesses from different cities in the country report, the voters’ ennui is quite evident and people have decided to boycott the sham election.

This is virtually a repeat of the 2009 sham election.

The PMOI/MEK stationed its network members at most of the 63,000 polling stations around the country to report the true and reliable story of voter involvement on this election day.

Figures verified by videos and photos show that not many people attended polling places. As the regime tries to hold its sham election, it is clear that few people “have left their homes to cast their ballots in the Iranian weekend.” According to an NCRI report.

Iran sham election.
Iran sham election.
empty polling station in iran.
Empty polling station in Iran.
Iran polling place.
Iran polling place.
Iran polling place.
Iran polling place – very few people.
small queue sham election iran
Small queue sham election Iran
quiet election day traffic in iran
Quiet election day traffic in Iran
quiet sham election, Iran
Quiet sham election, Iran
few voters Iran.
Few voters Iran.
no voters iran election.
No voters Iran election.

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.