Europe Month Announced by EU Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Michele Cervone

Riyadh – “On Europe Day we celebrate peace and unity in Europe. We do so every year on 9 May. As the Holy Month of Ramadan will start already at the beginning of May, we will celebrate Europe Day slightly earlier than usual.” – EU Ambassador Michele Cervone.

The head of the European Union Delegation in Saudi Arabia, Ambassador Michele Cervone told reporters at a press conference at the EU’s Riyadh headquarters, “This year, Europe Month runs from 4th April until 3 May.” Ambassador Cervone called the press conference to discuss Europe month and Europe day activities.

Celebrating Europe Month

Ambassador Cervone explained the purpose of Europe day and Europe month. “Every year we celebrate Europe Day by looking back at the history of European integration and the things we have accomplished together.”

He said the EU’s success story should be both celebrated and shared with the EU’s GCC partners.

EU Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Michele Cervone
EU Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Michele Cervone

The EU and the GCC countries have been important partners since singning the cooperation agreement in 1988. The Ambassador said the EU appreciates its good relationship with governments in the GCC, and EU wants to come closer to the people of the GCC.

The date marks the anniversary of the historical ‘Schuman declaration.’ French Foreign Minister Schuman’s vision was to create a European institution that would pool and manage coal and steel production. Schuman’s proposal is considered to be the beginning of what is now the European Union, and a treaty creating the body was signed almost one year later.

Robert Schuman, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable. He was speaking in Paris in 1950.

Celebrating Europe Day

More than 60 years after the creation of the European Communities, citizens of the EU Member States enjoy peace, prosperity and security. This is the reason for celebrating Europe Day each year.

Europe Month in Saudi Arabia.
Europe Month in Saudi Arabia poster.

Europe Month allows individual EU member states to create events. The events include exhibitions, musical performances and film screenings. During Europe Month the various European diplomatic missions will host events in Riyadh.

  • Ireland: Gaelic Games – Presentation and exhibition, 6 April,
  • Germany: German-Saudi DJ music, 9 April,
  • Italy: Mezzotono – non-instrumental orchestra, 11 April,
  • Poland: The Poles’ Contributions to the World – exhibition, 11 April,
  • Poland: 20 Years of Poland in NATO – exhibition, 11 April,
  • Netherlands: 2nd Falcon Arts Festival, 16-17 April,
  • France & Germany: In the Fade – film screening, 24 April,
  • Italy: La Kryptonite Nella Borsa – non-musical orchestra, 29 April,
  • France & Germany: Trio d’Iroise – classical concert, 30 April,
  • EU: Europe Day reception, 1 May,
  • EU: Gypsy Jazz concert, 2 May,
  • Czech Republic: Crystal Duo – Jazz concert, 2 and 3 May.
  • Additionally, the European Film Festival is taking place in Jeddah,
  • Germany: Young Goethe in Love, 30 March,
  • Italy: The Place, 1 April,
  • Ireland: The Little Stranger, 2 April,
  • UK: Love & Friendship, 8 April,
  • France: The Dancer, 15 April.

Europe Day official receptions are to be held in Riyadh. A reception on 1 May features an Italian Jazz band. In Muscat, on 17 April an events features the EU Youth Orchestra. In Bahrain, an event features an Italian Jazz band, and in Qatar, an event features an Italian Jazz band, in cooperation with LOYAC.