Deadly Bombings Rock Syrian Capital

Acting Spokesperson Mark C. Toner today said the United States condemns in the strongest terms the bombings today in Damascus.

“We extend our sympathies to the families of the victims. There is no justification for terrorism of any kind and we condemn these acts wherever they occur.” -Mr. Toner

He noted that for nine long months the Assad regime has used torture and violence to suppress the aspiration of the Syrian people for peaceful political change. He said throughout the time, the United States has spoken out against the violence in Syria.

Hafez alAssad, former president of Syria.

“It is crucial that today’s attack not impede the critical work of the Arab League monitoring mission to document and deter human rights abuses with the goal of protecting civilians. We hope that this mission will proceed unfettered in an atmosphere of non-violence. The burden is on the regime to cooperate fully and quickly with the monitoring mission.” -Mr. Toner

He stressed that the Syrian people continue to suffer daily. he said they deserve a peaceful political transition that begins with respect of their human rights and an immediate end to repression.

Mr. Toner emphasized that the United States will continue to support the Syrian people in their struggle for a peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy.

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