Could Saudi Arabia Save Syria From Armageddon?

Syria has a lot of players on the ground fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Assad is supported by others, and their support comes in the form of finance, weapons, boots on the ground, words, or obstructive actions. All of that makes this “warscape” very difficult to understand, as the complexities are driven as much by culture and faith, as by strategy and tactics.

Not all of those fighting against Assad are on the same team – some of them have far different goals.

According to those players who are fighting for freedom from the tyranny of the Assad regime, who we are allowed to speak to, the game continually changes and “the regime tactics get dirtier than ever before.”

Bashar’s Armageddon

His opposition sees that Bashar al-Assad will do whatever it takes to hang onto his dictatorship. He isn’t trying to win a reputation contest, so there isn’t any low he won’t stoop to. As the war has progressed into a blood bath, Bashar al-Assad has pulled in all his resources to ensure “he will win this war no matter what.”

There are many examples of the depths to which he will go. The regime has designed a very deadly barrel bomb packed with explosives and metal fragments dropped from helicopters. Cluster bombs and napalm bombs have been dropped in full contravention of the Geneva conventions, as well as basic human rights principles. And in absolute violation of International law, the Assad regime has sunk to using an ancient weapon of war – “starve or surrender.” This weapon of war is low cost and certain to cause a slow and painful death.

Aleppo Barrel Bombs Kill 83 In Syria Air Raid

Outraged But …

The Friends of Syria have released a statement expressing “OUTRAGE” about Assad’s “starve or surrender” strategy which deprives hundreds of thousands of people from receiving food and medicine. Unfortunately Assad does not respond to outrage.

The tides must change. Secretary of State Kerry said in a press release last week that he cannot believe Assad’s “Staying Power.” Assad doesn’t stay in power on his own volition. He is backed by his benefactors from Russia and Iran. Without the guidance, weapons, and manpower (strategic and tactical) that Assad receives from Russia and Iran, the “warscape” would not be so out of sync. It is very unlikely any action the regime takes will be met with “OUTRAGE” by Russia and Iran, as their support is not for Assad but for their own interest.

Syrian Boy Wishes He Can Die To Eat In Heaven

It is equally as unlikely that Russia would support any UN Security Counsel resolution that may be presented against the Assad Regime. Russia will continue their “disgracefully opportunistic” record of vetoes. Australia, Luxembourg and Jordan presented the draft resolution on February 7th that was circulated among the five permanent members of the council, the UN’s most powerful body. According to Bloomberg News, the resolution supported “acting against those who fail to facilitate rapid access to humanitarian aid and cease indiscriminate attacks on civilians as a weapon of war. It cited provisions under Chapter 7 of the UN charter that authorize the use of armed force and economic sanctions.” Alexey Zaytsev, spokesman for the Russian mission to the UN “found the aforementioned draft, unfortunately, unworkable.”

According to Nehad Ismail, a Middle East Expert and Commentator, the solution must include “arming and equipping the Free Syrian Army and the moderate Muslim fighter.” It is important not to confuse either of these fighting groups with al-Qaeda or ISIS.

Opposition rebels who are fighting against Assad’s “outrageous and criminal” tactics must be better outfitted with weapons that will enable them the ability to win the fight. They need weapons such as:

  • Anti-tank weapons
  • Anti-aircraft guns
  • Mortar weapons
  • Weapon Aiming and Fire Control
  • Missiles
  • The United States reported last week that they will begin providing some direct military assistance, according to the BBC, including ammunition and small arms, but this is not enough. US Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have advocated for arming the Opposition Rebels with lethal assistance, especially ammunition and heavy weapons.

    If the US government isn’t going to get there, the Syrian Opposition Rebels must have a benefactor that will support their “Jihad against injustice.”

    Who Can Save Syria?

    Is Saudi Arabia the “benefactor” Opposition Rebels need in order to receive the weapons they must have? I can’t think of another country that has the proximity, financial capability, and understanding of the complexities of the “warscape.” The ROI (return on investment) for Saudi Arabia is managing the terrorist element in Syria, controlling Iran’s ability to travel by ground to Lebanon or further in any direction. However most importantly, Saudi Arabia would be able to help right a “terrible injustice” that has been happening in Syria to innocent citizens, many of whom are women and children.

    Translation of the twitter message: O God, have mercy on them. Infant clings and embraces her brother after they went out from under the rubble because of the drums # Aleppo

    30,000 Syrians have been killed since November. More than 80% of those killed were men, but the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights says it has also “documented the deaths of more than 1,700 children under the age of 10.”