ISIS Car Bombing Kills 64 in Baghdad

Car Bomb Explodes in Crowded Market

A deadly car bombing killed 64 civilians and wounded 87 others in a bustling market in a predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad on Wednesday.

An SUV packed with explosives exploded near a beauty salon during peak hours. The effect was so powerful that it shook the ground of the crowded market in the eastern area of Sadr City.

The aftermath images of the destruction included ripped buildings, bloody streets, and dead bodies sprawled on the roadsides near the blast site.

According to media reports, most of the victims are women.

Authorities fear that the death toll is expected to rise as many were seriously injured.

ISIS Militants Claim Responsibility for the Attack

Following the attack, ISIS claimed responsibility in a statement in a social media. The militant group is said to be targeting Shiite Muslims because they consider them apostates.

Amid reports of the downfall of ISIS, the militant group continues to spread terror in the middle east country. Many say the assault is also part of the Sunni militant group’s aim to undermine the Iraqi government which is trying to bring security in the country’s capital.

Location of iraq in Middle East.
Location of iraq in Middle East.

The Assault is Not New in Baghdad

This latest assault is not something new in the city. In fact, a series of assaults by ISIS in Sadr City killed at least 40 people last month.

The first, a car bomb, killed at least 23 people and 38 others in an open-air market in Nahrawan near Baghdad.

Two days later, a car bombing also killed at least 18 civilians, mostly Shia pilgrims who were commemorating the death anniversary of an imam.

In February, Sadr City was also rocked by twin market bombings that killed at least 73 people.

Ongoing Violence in Iraq

Iraq has been tormented with violence particularly by the destabilizing efforts of the ISIS militants.

The UN reports that at least 741 Iraqis were killed in April and at least 1,119 people were killed and 1,561 wounded in March due to the ongoing violence that has gripped the middle east country.

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