Brutal Shootings by Iran’s Security Forces Leave Two Dead, Including a Young Woman

Two recent shootings in Iran left two dead and once again brought the cruelness of the country’s security forces to light.

A 46-year-old man identified as Asghar Nahvipour was shot and killed last Saturday when an officer opened fire at point-blank range. The victim was shot in Iran’s Shahr-e-rey metro station, south of Tehran.

Reports indicate the man protested a government mullah “harassing a number of young women under the bogus pretext of improper hijab.” He was heard yelling, “We don’t want these mullahs. We don’t want this Islam. What kind of a country is this? What kind of Islam is this?”

The shooting was captured on tape and posted extensively on the web. Nahvipour is seen yelling while a turban is in his hands. Seconds later, a member of the security forces shoots him with an assault rifle.

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Iranians were appalled after hearing the brutality of the country’s security forces and launched a campaign on social media to raise awareness of his case.

One Twitter user wrote, “The murder of Asghar Nahvipour must be investigated by international courts.”

The Iranian regime has reportedly also prevented Nahvipour’s family from holding a funeral.

On Monday, Iran’s security forces fired on a car leaving a young woman dead and a young man injured. The shooting occurred in Tehran’s Olympic Village.

The people in the vehicle were not adhering to calls by officers to stop their car, according to reports by Iranian human rights organizations. No additional information has been released.

Such incidents again highlight the Iranian regime’s repressive nature. Their human rights record for the month of July alone shows the execution of 57 prison inmates during the first two weeks, flogging a number of inmates and in some cases in public squares, increasing crackdown of religious minorities and dissidents.

This summer, authorities have also heightened their measures against women and continue to arrest anyone “improperly veiled.”

Asghar Nahvipour shot dead by police, Saturday, July 15.
Asghar Nahvipour was shot dead by police on Saturday, July 15

Ms. Donya Jam is an Iranian-American Christian and human rights activist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Shenandoah University. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook for more Iran related news.