Arab League Condemns Asad Regime’s Ruthless Campaign Against Syrian People

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Ambassador Susan E. Rice today said the Arab League has condemned Syria’s government by seeking to impose powerful consequences for its actions.

“The United States welcomes the report of the independent international commission of inquiry on Syria, which documents the Asad regime’s ruthless, depraved campaign against its own people.” -Ms. Rice

She said the details are appalling. She noted that among the commission’s findings are evidence of systemic government support for the rape and torture of children.

“The world can now clearly see what boundaries the Asad regime is willing to cross to retain its grip on power.” -Ms. Rice

She stressed that the United States welcomes these efforts and applauds all international organizations who are working towards an end to the violence.

“In particular, we salute the bravery of the Syrians who took great risks to contribute to the commission’s report, shedding light on this most urgent challenge to peace and human dignity.” -Ms. Rice

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