Removal of Glow-Mobile Tanning Decal from Michelle Parker’s Hummer. Why?

Why did the Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney name Dale Smith as the primary suspect in Michelle Parker’s disappearance, so publicly (during Monday’s press conference)? This rarely occurs, unless the clues, pointing in the direction of guilt, are plentiful and obvious. But what is this transparent evidence, other than Michelle was dropping off her 3-year-old twins at Dale’s at around 3:15 PM on Thursday, November 17th (her black hummer is captured by a surveillance camera) and that Dale refused to take a polygraph test?

The Orlando Police must have something on Dale Smith, or else they wouldn’t exhibit such aggressive behavior, such as the swat raid conducted on Dale’s father’s house on Sunday, where the father had to be restrained with handcuffs, calling it Standard Operating Procedure. Is the grandfather’s house another Branch Davidian ranch at Mount Carmel? Come on!

And now we hear a body was found floating in a lake (not too terribly far from where Michelle’s black Hummer was found on Friday, November 18th, in the parking lot of the Walden Palms Apartment at 4700 Walden Circle.) The body has not been identified yet, as of this writing. Another important development, or clue if you will, is a prominent decal on Michelle’s Hummer (which is very distinctive itself) was removed at some point, probably by whoever did this terrible deed.

michelle parker

The diamond-studded graphic, Glow-Mobile Tanning, tells us everything by way of its absence! The fact that our culprit thought to remove it says a lot about his (doubt it’s a her) mindset. Perhaps, as he was trying to get rid of the (sticks out like a sore thumb) Hummer, he reasoned that surveillance cameras would catch the distinguishable decal, and so thought to remove it. Still, the black Hummer is so unique anyway; this wouldn’t really do much good in preventing detection.

And some of Michelle’s CDs and her purse were still left in the vehicle, while her keys and beloved iPhone were gone. The text message at 4:26 PM, to Michelle’s brother, Dustin Erickson, was only one word (Waterford), and couldn’t have been sent by Michelle, who has been said to be much more chatty than only one word. But was it Dale who sent the message, after getting rid of the SUV and getting rid of…?

The removal of the Glow-Mobile Tanning decal could assume an entirely different meaning, a more sinister shape, I just realized. Think, for a moment, if it was peeled off out of jealousy, because of suspicions that Ms. Parker was favoring one particular client at GMT more than others. The removal of the sticker serves a dual purpose then (with the first and second motive in mind), its absence is a tell-tale sign or warning and the second purpose, the vehicle can be disguised, when driving it, from security video.

The broadcast of The People’s Court fiasco at 2 PM on that Thursday was gasoline on an already burning fire. While I had my doubts at first, I now am convinced the inflammatory show played a crucial role in cascading developments, because of its timing and the couple’s explosive dynamics, that exude a rickety-road of destruction. Now as a pie in the face of popular opinion, I’ll type the astonishing words, it was someone other than Dale Smith who actually abducted Michelle Parker!