All Girl Disco Opens in Turkey

Turkey is a country where the Islamic and non-Islamic factions co-exist peacefully giving rise to new options for both parties Many businesses have found a way to cater to the religious in a way that gives them the high of partying while not degrading their values.

Shah Inn Paradise resort in Turkey’s beach city of Antalya has opened a ladies only disco as part of its facilities. Like any other disco it opens late, at 10 in the night, and closes at 4 in the morning, complete with a dance floor and bar. Of course, the bar only serves soft drinks and mocktails as ladies dance to the latest Turkish pop hits, also provided by a female DJ.

As consumption patterns change, many are targetting the religious crowd, giving recreation, especially holidays a new meaning from ladies only beaches to single sex gyms and discos.

A disco such as this changes the regular dynamics of partying, as it removes flirting, and general mixing of the two sexes. But this is the very reason religious crowds feel more at ease engaging in late-night dance.

More than anything else, the disco raises questions of whether this is an effort by religious groups to isolate themselves or to better merge into society at large.