Afghanistan Increasingly Exercises Sovereign Authority

Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo today said Government of Afghanistan is increasingly exercising its sovereign authority.

In her remarks at a Security Council Debate on Afghanistan, Ms. DiCarlo said the work of the international community has affected the lives of average Afghans.

“We support the Istanbul Process and note the important role of the United Nations in backing regional efforts to implement the commitments and confidence-building measures agreed to in Istanbul.” -Ms. DiCarlo

Pupils at Butkhak High School in Kabul, Afghanistan, cheer in unison on the last day of Global Action Week, an international campaign advocating free, quality education for all.

UN Photo/Fardin Waezi

She cited that in Bonn, 86 countries and 15 international organizations affirmed their commitments to help Afghanistan set out a blueprint for a Transformation Decade in post-transition Afghanistan.

“We applaud the international community’s resolve to help Afghanistan secure the gains of the last ten years and make transition irreversible.” -Ms. DiCarlo

She stated that the international community also underscored that reconciliation must contain the reaffirmation of a sovereign, stable and united Afghanistan; the renunciation of violence; the breaking of ties to international terrorism; and respect for the Afghan Constitution.

She reported that the recent release of the Afghanistan Mortality Survey shows very encouraging signs about the work of the World Health Organization, the U.S. Agency for International Development and other international partners.

“More children are living past their fifth birthday than at any time in the past. The percentage of women seeking medical care and advice for their newborns increased from 16 to 60 percent between 2003 and 2010.” -Ms. DiCarlo

She stressed that improved maternal health has led to a decline in female adult mortality of about one-third over the past decade. Household living standards have improved, with more Afghan families reporting access to clean water and electricity and to better sanitation facilities.

“Life expectancy at birth has increased to 62. The death rate among men ages 15 to 59 has approximately halved over the last 10 years. With donors’ support, most Afghans now live within two hours’ walking distance of a health facility.” -Ms. DiCarlo

Ms. DiCarlo stressed that Afghanistan has demonstrated its vision for the nation’s future as a stable country ready to move from transition to transformation and contribute to peace and stability in the region.

“The United States remains committed to supporting Afghanistan and continuing our partnership through 2014 and beyond.” -Ms. DiCarlo

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