Intelligence Reporter Says ‘US Must Prepare for Deadly Attack From North Korea

Futurist (1) and publisher Subnormal Magazine, which utilizes intelligence sources, scientific based astrological interpretations, and dream analysis among more, states that the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il (2) announced today (the death reportedly occurred Saturday), sent a powerful and troubling message throughout the world.

Subnormal states, “I saw miniature flying machines that looked like small mechanical birds- remote controlled drones- about half the size of a small folding chair- about two feet by two feet, they were black and grey with great numbers of jagged edges, built to look very menacing like a mechanical flying dinosaur. There were hundreds or thousands of them flying around. The drones would smash into cars, into buildings, and upon impact would release a deadly type of nerve gas or other gas that would immediately enter the bloodstream and cook people alive from the inside out- making their blood boil. It was terrible. It would cause choking and suffocation and was pinkish gray in color.

Other drones, some the same size and some larger were crashing into large buildings and detonating explosives housed in their components, causing entire buildings, hundreds of thousands of times their size to explode and crumble to the ground. There were buildings falling everywhere, crumbling to the ground like the twin towers did during 9-11, with clouds of black and dark gray smoke in the near distances. Highways and freeways were packed with cars loaded with people trying to escape in a safer direction East- but there was no escape- the drones were attacking cars on the freeways. Some drivers were speeding to try out race them which caused crashes and further mayhem with blocked roadways. Cars were being deliberately attacked by hundreds of little drones that would crash right into their windows. The drones were very strong. The attack came from The East.”

Subnormal states that they then awoken at once to immediately discover the news of the death of Kim Jong Il, communist North Korea’s leader. Subnormal continues, “Kim Jong Il has for many years been an enemy of the United States. His passing has not made things safer for South Korea, the U.S., or the world, instead- it is worse because his son is now in charge and that son- Kim Jong Un has the same hatred for The United States and its other enemies including South Korea, but far less restraint. South Korea is absolutely right in going on high alert,” Subnormal states, “and the United States would be wise to follow that agenda with both offensive and defensive strategies.”

According to CNN, In Washington, the White House said President Barack Obama spoke with South Korean leader Lee today Monday morning. The two leaders agreed to stay in “close touch as the situation develops,” the source said. The two countries are technically still at war, as a peace treaty was never signed. North Korea has made one military attack and one cyber attack on South Korea in the past several years. “Kim Jong Un is hungry for war,” Subnormal states, “This is all he knows is the life in the shadow of a military and political leader. America needs to wake up to this very real and present danger.” When asked about the vision, Subnormal States, “when a great or powerful being passes on, at times some of us can pick up on energies of those vibrations from that soul. The spirit of war passed over the world today with the death of Kim Jong Ill. This vision is his vision. His son intends to carry it out and we must not let that happen.”

*(1) Futurists* or futurologists are scientists and social scientists whose specialty is to attempt to systematically predict the future, whether that of human society in particular or of life on earth in general. The terms most commonly refer to authors, consultants, organizational leaders and others who engage in interdisciplinary and systems thinking to advise private and public organizations on such matters as diverse global trends, plausible scenarios, emerging market opportunities and risk management. The term futurology in its contemporary sense was first coined in the mid-1940s by the German Professor Ossip K. Flechtheim, who proposed a new science of probability. Flechtheim argued that even if systematic forecasting did no more than unveil the subset of statistically highly probable processes of change and charted their advance; it would still be of crucial social value. (source; Wikipedia)

(2) http://www.Cnn.Com/2011/12/19/world/asia/north-Korea-Leader-Dead/index.Html(source, Cnn News Dot Com)

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