A Father’s Martyrdom Awakens Iranians’ Desperate Fight for Freedom

On the 29th of March, I received the news of my father’s death, who after enduring much pain, which resulted from deliberate prevention of his medical treatment by the Iranian regime’s henchmen, died on Monday night in captivity.

My father, Mohsen Dogmechi, who was imprisoned since September 2009, was suffering from cancer for 8 months. The mullahs’ henchmen prevented his medical treatment from the very beginning. As cancer covered his pancreas and pain all his body, henchmen prevented his medics in violation of all international Conventions.

Daughter and Father Dogmechi
Narges Dogmechi giving a TV statement regarding her father’s death under torture in Iranian dungeons.

The regime was evidently using a new Gestapo torture: Natural agony till death! But my father did not succumb to their demands which were to reject the PMOI, and to repeat three decades of lies against them. He refused for the sake of thousands desperate for freedom. He was too steadfast on the genuine and pure goals of the PMOI, to free its people of all kinds of religious fundamentalism.

The Iranian regime’s notorious Ministry of Intelligence asked him many times to take part in a TV interview and speak against the PMOI. Such vile methods are in flagrant violation of basic human rights. It is a crime against humanity. It has been used by torturers against prisoners as a method of enforcing pressure and torture. However, what they can’t understand is that a freedom fighter would give up his comfort and life for others.

My brave father chose to face the henchmen with tied hands and a body full of poison and cancer. With excruciating pains but willpower unconquered, he was able to defeat the torturers, and once again turned another page of pride in the Iranian history of resistance against tyranny. He proved the PMOI ideals, the will to be free cannot be defeated by any tyranny. The truth cannot be twisted.

It’s true that it is very hard for me to lose my father. But there is something inside me that is above all the pain I received. It is the triumph of true human values over suppression. Pride in such a resilient and brave father who defeated the Iranian regime’s henchmen like this. I am proud of him with all of my heart, and his innocent and heroic martyrdom inspired me to continue the struggle against this bloodthirsty regime.

I want to tell the shattering mullahs’ regime that your days are numbered.

Did you not see how “will” and determination and love for Freedom, won over the pain of loss of the loved ones? How Akbar Saremi and Behrouz Kazemi vowed with all might to continue their quest for Peace and Freedom, after the martyrdom of their fathers? Didn’t you see how it inspired Ashraf residents in their quest for Freedom? Did you not see that their message was echoed by our courageous people in uprising in Iran as they chanted “The message of Jafar’s blood is to resist one hundred times fold.”

We live for the day that our people are freed from such misery. We bear all the pain, so that Iranians worldwide would once again feel proud to be Iranian in a Free and Democratic Iran, where Church and State are separated, women and men are truly equal, and where the ballot box is the only legitimate determinant of the future of our people.

The martyrdom of my courageous father under such callous and inhuman condition is document to a crime against humanity by the Iranian regime. It is a litmus test for International Humanitarian Community and the UN Special Rapporteur assigned on human rights violations in Iran, to prove their commitment for safeguarding basic Human rights. It is an obligation for all those who pose for “human rights” safeguards and landmark for their obligations to prove the Iranian regime wrong, if it believes that politics can override basic Human Rights. It is time for this regime to be referred to the UNSC for its countless crimes against human dignity and War against Humanity.

This heroic martyrdom is also a golden chapter in the history book of the Iranian people’s struggle. It is a symbol of perseverance for the sake of Freedom. It shows that one can defeat such heinous enemy even with hands and feet enchained, and a body full of pain.

After I heard of my father’s martyrdom, I asked God to help me be more persevering and more resilient in this path because this path is righteous. The path for freedom is a challenging and arduous one that separates those who are willing to pay the price sincerely, from pretentious opportunists who change color with every tide. It is a path that has been nourished by the blood of 120 thousand martyrs of the PMOI.

From my father I learned perseverance and how to struggle one-hundred times fold against this inhumane regime. I like to take this opportunity to remind my country fellow men and women of the great responsibility each and every one of us have in bringing about a peaceful, democratic and nuclear free Iran. We are freedom fighters enchained. We are a generation that has decided to withstand all challenges to win freedom for our people. My father showed the end of the path to freedom is at hand.


Mohsen Dogmechi is a 50 year old merchant. He is well-known in the Tehran Bazaar. He was summoned to the Revolutionary Court on August 1st where he received a sentence of ten years imprisonment in Rajai Shahr prison. His charges are: providing financial aid to families of political prisoners, and visiting his daughters in Camp Ashraf.

In the last three months, human rights organisations warned about the deteriorating health of Mohsen Dogmechi. He was suffering from advanced pancreas cancer. In his last days, his conditions were so bad, he was even unable to sit up in bed. For four weeks, he was unable to eat any food and at the end, even drinking water or milk would cause him agonising pain. Despite all this suffering, the Islamic Republic’s prison authorities refused to release him. Mohsen Dogmechi died on March 28th. The regime had also previously arrested Dogmechi’s wife, Maryam Alangi in October 2009.

International Humanitarian organizations regard Mohsen Dogmechi’s ordeal as a new method of torture used against major political prisoners mainly sentenced for “Moharebe” (waging war on God! In this context God referring to the Iranian Islamic Leadership).

It is noteworthy to mention that Mr. Dogmechi’s daughter is also in a Camp Ashraf, which has been under medical and supply siege for the past year and a half. Many cancer patients in need of medical treatment have also been BARRED from necessary treatment by Iraqi Al Maliki forces. Reports of psychological torture on these patients through use of numerous huge loudspeakers as a form of “White Noise Torture” has also been reported.