Why Antisemitism, the Nation of Israel, You Broke Your Covenant with God

Reflecting on a lecture by Rabbi Yinon Kalazan.

I turn to the archives of God’s promises to try to find an answer to the escalation in Antisemitism in all humanity’s crevices across the world.

You, the reader, probably will not buy into these ideas, originating from the Scriptures, but then the Jews have not bought into this notion since they entered into a covenant with God.

I am a member a Jewess, and I am not religious, as being religiously Jewish is prescribed. My values, however, are very Jewish, and I believe. What I write here goes along with my strong belief in God and the essence of the Jewish faith. I find the explanation in the following essay’s content to be a logical answer to all of the Jewish People’s woes.

The romance- the wedding

God sent Moses to ask the Nation of Israel: will you marry me?

The event was on a national level.

The groom: GOD

The Bride: the nation of Israel, a Stiff-Necked nation (literally, “hard of neck,” as it is figuratively used, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, the word means “stubborn,” “intractable,” “not to be led.” The derivation of the idea was entirely familiar to the Jews, with whom the ox was the most useful and common of domestic animals.)

The matchmaker: Moses

The Ketubah: The Ten Commandments (The Ketubah is a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of traditional Jewish marriage, and it outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, about the bride. In modern practice, the ketubah has no agreed monetary value and is never enforced, except in Israel.)

The Nation of Israel married God. It was a historical wedding, the wedding of history, for all history.

The Covenant

The nation of Israel formed an alliance with God; God allied with his Chosen People.

The nation of israel had a covenant with god
Moses and the Ten Commandments

In this contractual alliance God also provided the upcoming history of His Chosen People under the following conditions: If all parties keep the covenant; if all parties do not keep the covenant; and where God Almighty steps in and intervenes.

With His messenger, the matchmaker Moses, God tells His Chosen People: should you listen to me – Follow the written and oral Torah – and keep my Covenant with you, you will be a holy nation, and you will be a special people.

“And now, if you listen to me and keep my covenant and you shall be my virtue from all the nations, for the lad is all mine.” The Book of Exodus »Chapter 19» Verse 5

“וְעַתָּה אִם שָׁמוֹעַ תִּשְׁמְעוּ בְּקֹלִי וּשְׁמַרְתֶּם אֶת בְּרִיתִי וִהְיִיתֶם לִי סְגֻלָּה מִכָּל הָעַמִּים כִּי לִי כָּל הָאָרֶץ.” ספר שמות » פרק יט » פסוק ה

This was a single, only one of this type of agreement in mankind’s history.

The nation of Israel entered this Covenant with their promise: ‘All that God has spoken, we will do.’

Subsequently, Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments and the entire Torah along which the Nation of Israel agreed and promised to listen to and believe in their God. In return, God promised His people economic stability and security, of no danger or wars, in their Promised Land, both provided they will listen to Him, obey Him. And the sword – wars – will avenge the breach of the Covenant.

Moses gave the Nation of Israel-the Israelites, the entire written covenant before he departed from his nation and passed on. He departed with a very heavy heart because he knew and feared what is going to take place during the future of the nation, all clearly described in the Covenant’s writing. The Scriptures are not just a compilation of stories of all sort; it is the forecast of the Jewish Nation’s history and its eternal life.

Parashat-chapter Ha’azinu, chapter 32 of the Book of Dvarim-Deuteronomy: ‘Listen to Heaven, and I shall speak up, and the earth will hear my word. The story of Hazinu continues the sequence toward the conclusion of the Torah, which tells of the preparations for the death of Moshe Rabbeinu-Moses. Most of the story of Hazinu is occupied by the song of Hazinu, meaning listen, which, as Moses was told in the previous parasha-chapter, is to be a testimony to the people of Israel in anticipation of their occurrence in future generations.

The wife’s betrayal of her husband was immediate. The bride turned religiously promiscuous. Thy shall not have other than Me as your God, the covenant demands. But the bride built the golden calf, and she turned to idolatry.

In light of the above, since entering into the Covenant, all the suffering that the nation of Israel has suffered and is suffering, on the national level, took place and takes place because the people have not done what they have promised to do.

Therefore, the people who caused the fate of the Jewish people are the Jewish people themselves.

The destiny of the Jewish people

The Jewish people have taken upon themselves a mission to represent God. This is not a simple mission and certainly an unpopular representation.

The Nation of Israel accepted the Holy One, Blessed is He, with His authority, therefore, no matter what they have done and do, they are hated for it.

The question is why God chose these people out of all people in the world, and the selection was readily available.

The reason is rather simple: The nation of Israel has a mission that to carry it out it demands stubbornness, a character of ‘Stiff-Necked Nation’; a task that requires determination and a strong character to represent the truth with resolve.

The history of a stubborn and of perverse behavior generation

A generation up to upheavals caused a revolution between God and His people. It all began to change during the era of the Enlightenment.

The character of testing God, that the Nation of Israel displayed for generation, has hit a brick wall.

It is impossible to practice both Judaism and idolatry. Here the testy game of the Jews with their God was over; God could not accept it.

The relationship between the Nation of Israel and its God is based on measure for measure. When the Jewish people ignore God, God hides His face from them, and they do not hear from Him. When they leave God to work with a pseudo-God the troubles for the Jewish people will come from people who are not a nation.

It all started from: “you will not have a foreign God. You will not bow to other Gods. There will be no foreign God – the Evil Inclination – the Ego within oneself – that is bowing to oneself.

Already with the third generation, from Anosh, the grandson of Adam and Eve, the idol worship, the attribution to other things as God, began. When the First Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, worshiping other ‘gods’ ended for the Second Temple to be rebuilt. Also, the prophecy came to an end. Ezra was the last Jewish prophet. The long chain of prophets who spoke in the name of God ended. For the past 2500 years, the nation of Israel has not heard the word of God through His prophet[s].

Wisdom – from outside to inside – that flourished after the destruction of the First Temple came instead of prophecy. The wisdom that brought science that harnessed nature to the needs of the people that began with the Greeks.

The Enlightenment era came following the French Revolution and then the Renaissance. The French Revolution kicked faith in its rear. It came as a result of the desire for intellectual independence, followed by the Renaissance. After that came the Jewish Enlightenment.

The Greek philosophy has created a change in Paganism; there is no idolatry that the members of the Great Jewish Knesset already abolished. What the Greeks did wat they turned Paganism into ideas, and the man chose his ideas, meaning the man could become like God, i.e., the Christian faith took Jesus and made him into a God. I bow to myself.

Take the case of Moses Mendelssohn

Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) was a German Jewish philosopher to whose ideas the Haskalah, the ‘Jewish enlightenment’ of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, is indebted. Born to a poor Jewish family, originally destined for a rabbinical career, Mendelssohn educated himself in the German thought and literature culture. Because of his writings on philosophy and religion, he came to be regarded as a leading cultural figure of his time by both Christian and Jewish inhabitants of German-speaking Europe and beyond. He also established himself as an important figure in the Berlin textile industry, which was the foundation of his family’s wealth. Approximately 150 years later, Hitler, an Austrian, was nominated the leader of Germany.

What the Christians rightly did to paganism the Jews unjustly did to Judaism, to their religion. The Enlightenment Movement means, Jews have no longer covenant with God; meaning, they nullified God and brought into their lives a quasi, an exchange God, the evil inclination. They decided: We are smart and we will solve everything with the material. In the wake of the rebellion that there is no God, in Germany where the Jewish Enlightenment movement began, the words of God that came along with His Covenant with the Nation of Israel, that people who are not a nation – the Germans were a collection of tribes, not a nation and were only recognized as a nation in the time of Bismarck – will destroy the people of Israel.

Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (Born von Bismarck-Schönhausen; German: Otto Eduard Leopold Fürs von Bismarck, Herzog zu Lauenburg (1815-1898), is known as Otto von Bismarck, was a conservative Prussian statesman who dominated German and European affairs from the 1860s until 1890 and was the first Chancellor of the German Empire between 1871 and 1890. During his long political career, Bismarck unified Germany and founded the German Empire; Germany was transformed from a weak and loose confederation of states into a powerful united country that would come to dominate continental Europe.

Why Antisemitism

I often ask: what is it with the world to hate Jews? What do they want from the Jewish people, and why is all that hate?

According to my theory of years, Antisemitism derives from the Ten Commandments, which is the fundamental law of a civilized world. When Jews gave the world the notion that there is One God and that you must behave, that you must not lie, murder, steal, covet the hate of Jews began.

The reason for this is the Nation of Israel’s stubbornness. They have not taken the covenant seriously. This is a non-cancelable covenant, and the Jewish people are wise about it. But God will never break this covenant. By Him, it stays firm. (Leviticus chapter 20, 22:26).

A stubborn nation walks on the edge; it always tests and looks for how it can move the needle. However, and despite all the suffering, the nation of Israel will never perish. As history attests, nations, kingdoms, empires, rose and disappeared to oblivion; in spite and despite all the hardship, the grief, and the words of inferno, the nation of Israel is alive-Am Yisrael Chai- and at the end, all will be good.

Chapter 9 – Parashat Vayelech – in the book of Deuteronomy, attests that what is written in the Torah indeed happened, is happening.

The Holocaust

One of the continuously repeated lies about the Holocaust is that this mass murder-genocide was unique and there was none other like it in humankind history; there is no way to equate it with any other similar genocide.

The Holocaust that Germany and its partners brought upon the European Jewry was one of many. As it is told in the Story of Passover, the Haggadah, that ‘in every generation, they seek our destruction and the Holy One, Blessed be He, saves us from their hands.’ Hitler was one of many. All those who aspired and inspired to destroy the Jewish people are not only about destroying them physically but also to destroy Judaism.

Many Holocaust survivors, many other people have asked and asked again, ‘where was God when the Holocaust was happening?’

The Holy One, blessed be He, allowed the Nazis to give the Jewish people a hard blow for leaving Him but He stopped the ‘Final Solution‘ in its tracks, for the Nazis not to be able to think and say that they had more power than God.

After the Holocaust – the State of Israel

The Jewish people have not learned much from the Holocaust. The nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, is managed according to the law of the nations, not according to the law of the Covenant with God – the Bible – to which the Nation of Israel committed to following some 3500 years ago. The Jews have reestablished the 3rd commonwealth in His Promised Land, which He gave to the Nation of Israel for them to keep His constitution only. This is a betrayal of His wish and command.

And sadly, the entire IDF (Israel Defense Forces) command has gone politically Left and its fights through the legal system, not the code of war to victory and appears to be defeatist.

The result, as it is so clear today and was written in the Covenant, people who are not a nation – Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah – have convinced much of the world that the ‘Promised Land’ is not the land of the Jews, never was.

A prophecy of consolation

The Jewish people will become helpless. So long as the people of Israel think that it is possible to do without God, will try all the theories and ideologies that ultimately will not work, and then be forced to admit that everything has collapsed and nobody can be trusted, only then they will understand that there is no world without the Holy One, blessed be He. He will then come to their aid and redeem them and take action against all the nations of the world who made trouble for the Nation of Israel. It should be mentioned that Moses, before his death, gave his people all of their upcoming future, their futuristic history. Apart from God, all ideologies collapse, and there is nothing but God.

The Jewish people were given a second chance to know that God has not forgotten them. He never forgets.

What is written above is a lesson for all Jews, but also for the world’s population.

It is never too late to amend our ways.

Only by the grace of God, not the IDF, the Nation of Israel exists.

God gave the Jewish people a gift, another chance to reconnect the way the Jewish people agreed to do just before they received their Covenant with God. Reenter into the covenant platform and this time do not sway from it.

Rabbi Yinon Kalazan
Rabbi Yinon Kalazan

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