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Sometime you simply follow your guts; that is what I did when I decided to attend an evening with Dr. Gill Heart, following Rabbi Avraham Zajac’s announcement at Chabad SOLA synagogue, in Los Angeles, Shabbat service. The lecture took place in the home of Yossi and Chaya Segelman and the house was filled with curious members of the community.

Attending an evening with Dr. Heart is rather surreal. It is like an appointment with a former FBI or Mossad agent who was given permission to reveal titbits of operational stories about the enigmatic job these brave men and woman perform deep, deep behind the enemy, or not, lines.

From information available on line, Mr. Gill Heart was born in Israel and served in a special, top elite commando unit of Israel Defense Forces-IDF. He holds a PhD in Bio-Medical engineering from Imperial College, London University and lives in the United States, where he is working as an entrepreneur.

During his over six years army service, from which he retired with a Captain rank, Dr. Heart learned how to maintain and maximize his performance even under the most extreme circumstances. When one is performing special operations it requires dealing with stressful circumstances. That could be applied to all aspects of life, not only special military and espionage operations.

Gill Heart Photo from website
Gill Heart

Living in the USA, in the past, over 15 years of his entrepreneurial career, Dr. Heart founded and successfully managed US – and Israel-based, venture-backed, medical device startups and became a recognized and reputable CEO amongst leading private and institutional venture capital investors in the US and Israel.

Following the presentation I attended, to give the reader a wider scope of his work, I conducted a phone interview with Dr. Heart, which went as follows:

NG: I read that parallel to your business ventures, over the past eleven years, you have been on a journey of discovering your Jewish roots. When did you become “Chabadnik”? What brought about this transition? How do you apply it to your lectures and business?

GH: I learned Chassidut, with a Shali’ach (Messenger), on a daily basis for four and a half years, without Kabalat Ol, meaning practical implementation of Torah and Mitzvoth. For someone with academic background, especially PhD in Bio-Medical engineering, the depth of the Chassidut philosophy and its impact on my life, on a daily basis, created this transformation from being secular to an observant Jew. I started to open up to practical implementation of the Torah and Mitzvoth and once I saw the impact and how it changed me and my life, I became more and more open to be more and more observant. This philosophy I apply 100% in my daily life.

My MindMatrix and Mind In Control training method combine my special IDF training and experience, clinical and business knowledge and experience, along with the knowledge I acquired from Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah and Chassidut.

NG: When I partook in your sample clinic, most of the participants were observant Jews. I noticed that most of the men and women in the room got very uncomfortable, nervous and most giggled when you asked them to couple – man with man, woman with woman – and get close to each other so their noses and foreheads be touching. I thought it was a ridiculous and could not understand why a simple touching exercise becomes an issue. Why is this phenomenon?

Mam to man excercise
Mamto-man excercise-Photo by YS

GH: What happens, we stop thinking and become emotional to a point of being silly. It is because touching someone else is unacceptable to us and thus we are unable to overcome the simplest thing, such as touching lightly someone else. And it is not only with observant Jews, it is with everyone I teach. Our intuitive emotional response to triggers, in most cases will not be in our best interest. We can however be trained to change our intuitive response to triggers and today there is a clear clinical evidence it is possible.

MindMatrix, or Mind In Control, can achieve exactly that, i.e. change the thought and/or behavior pattern through training. And change is a beautiful growth engine, or driver, everyone should be opened to and trained to embrace it. It is like the mirror one looks at. When the hair or cloths is not in place and do not appeal to the person looking in the mirror, it is not the mirror that will change; it is the person looking in the mirror who will fix the hair and cloths to his or her liking.

Let us take the issue of touching; observant Jews observe abstaining touching; it is the Kabalistic concept of ‘reduction’ (tzimtzum). This concept means withholding energy, or accumulating energy, and only releasing it in the proper time to allow growth. This adds, not subtract from one’s pattern of behavior.

NG: What do you want to tell the reader from which he or she can learn something about your training?

GH: Part of my training is Equating Figures. With this technique one learns to present to the outside world an image of whom he or she are not. It is not acting; one learns to become, for real, someone else in a controlled way, i.e. appear to be angry yet, in full control. With Equating Figures one is able to swing into another mode and into action in one second, no matter what is going on inside one’s mind, whether it is fear, stress, anxiety, or any other distraction. You will be aware of everything surrounding you and look at the world, in real time, but in a very different way; in other word, know how to control your mind. I am sure anyone can think of an instant in which he or she can use and apply this technique.

And so, at the moment there is an issue in one’s life, by learning my technique one will in fact look forward to interact with, or confront the issue or person; that is due to the fact that one is able to switch one’s mind and thus engage rather than run away from the issue or the person.

The fundamental concept behind MindMatrix and Mind In Control is out-of-the-box operations and mind control; how to become an optimal operative, both in the corporate and personal environments. In other words, be trained – through changing neural wiring and thought processes – to control emotional responses to stress triggers, a technique and skill taught and practiced by military special forces in the field.

When using the technique it helps the person to obtain rapid improvement in personal and corporate performance.

At this point we ended our conversation because I could have gone on for hours asking many questions. What a fascinating technique and concept.

Dr. Heart gives you the tools to train your mind, which is the key of his training method. This is based on…

1. The three pillars of neuroplasticity, which allows the flexibility of the mind,

2. Training of your brain by repeating the methods again and again, and

3. The Tanya, which is the early work of Hasidic philosophy, by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad Hasidic movement.

Dr. Heart presentation is a clinic type, in which he has his audience participate in basic exercises that give a test of his full training course.

Water bottles endurance excercise Photo YS
Gill Heart water bottles endurance excercisePhoto by YS

Curious, need help, MindMatrix and Mind In Control is here and now. Dr. Heart will teach you the how.

Video: Unlocking a Secret to Stress-Reduction -Dr. Gill Heart


Nurit Greenger
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