Is Our Universe Tidally Engaged With Another Universe?

Scientist develops absolute cosmological theory, discovering how to express gravitation in terms of speed of light

The theory of hyperresonance shows gravitation is stringdom’s eigenoscillation at exactly multiples of c.

The European Royal Society announces a fundamental scientific breakthrough: the most fundamental cosmological theory to date has been put forward, finding conclusively that our universe is gravitationally engaged with another universe.

crown prince bosnia
Insignia of H.R.H. Crown Prince of Bosnia

Developed by H.R.H. Crown Prince Mensur Omerbashich of Bosnia, the hyperresonance theory states that all matter orbits and oscillates in tune regardless of scale or energy, and independent from the concepts of time or physical units.

Newton’s Missing 4th Law?

While successfully linking physics on our everyday scales with physics on quantum scales, the theory’s realization in the Earth-Moon system predicts exactly (to within NIST precision of 10^-39) the Newtonian gravitational proportion, G. Whilst this oscillatory tuned relationship represents the Moon’s levitation equation in the Earth-Moon system, overall it is a new, harmonic component of gravitation – Newton’s missing 4th law.

Along with expressing gravitation via speed of light, which completed the illustrious works by Kepler and Newton mathematically, the hyperresonance theory’s main achievement is in verifying the string theory paradigm on oscillatory rather than particlegenic reality.

Key Consequence of Hyperresonance Phenomenon

The key consequence of hyperresonance phenomenon for humans is geophysics as the life-sustaining mixer. Namely, the theory’s Earth-Moon realization (called the Georesonator) explains parenthetically the long standing enigma of tectonics and strong (~M6+) earthquakes: they arise due to universality of the tuning forks principle.

This could lend certain physical meaning to astrology – via astronomical alignments longer than 3 days amongst the Earth and two other heavenly bodies.

Since Journal of the European Royal Society published it last summer, this down-to-Earth revision of the multiverse theory based on the most accurate global geophysical data in existence, has already been corroborated by various international teams in Europe and US. Berkeley astronomers for instance, have verified that all galaxies are or tend to go spiral, which is possible only if our universe as a whole exhibits body dynamics due to gravitational effects by an outer universe. At long last, gravitation revealed itself as stringdom’s eigenoscillation at exactly multiples of speed of light, c.

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The discoverer: H.R.H. Crown Prince earned a Ph.D. in Theoretical Geophysics from UNB, Canada under Professor Petr Vanicek, and a CADD Diploma from MIT, US. Amongst other places, the prince worked at Berkeley National Lab in California as lead geodesist, and at Hungarian Institute of Geophysics in Budapest as senior Marie Curie geophysicist. The prince contributed scientific papers, served as reviewer for scientific journals, and is the founder of Seismo Info seismological portal. H.R.H. Crown Prince is head of the Omerbashich Berislavich Nemanich Royal House of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia (Contact: Bosnian Royal Family, P.O. Box 1, Sarajevo Bosnia,

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