The Final-Final Solution

What is the best way to fight Israel? Open its history books and duplicate its struggle for rebirth.

As Israelis distance themselves from their history, and many simply do not know it, its enemies immerse themselves in the wealth of information, in the miracle of rebirth, and try to duplicate it to serve their own agenda.

The results are nothing less than astonishing. Everything seems to be working perfectly. New miracles are suddenly created from nothing.

Until several decades ago there were no “Palestinians” and no “Palestine.” There was a Palestine, not a country but an area under Ottoman rule. Since the last quarter of the 19th Century, the Jews emigrated there and started inhabiting the land, drying swamps, cultivating and growing.

Arabs from backward countries emigrated also as a source of cheap labor for the country in formation. That makes them as much “Palestinians” as those who enter illegally from Central and South America becoming “Americans.” However, the world seems to believe they are owed an eternal status of refugees, they and their descendants after them, until the end of time.

After World War I, the area was under British Mandate. It was never a country, never a people, but that did not stop Arafat, the most creative statesman of all, from concocting the most potent of all Arabian fairy tales. This fable was never meant to be therapeutic, it was meant to destroy the Jewish State.

The Jews were expelled time and again from their country. They lived for two thousand years in exile, being persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition, never allowed to own land, always kept at bay, in ghettos away from the local population. Thus, they resorted to banking, medicine and other professions that were not tied to the land.

Then came the 20th Century, and Germany’s defeat in World War I. Hitler, like Arafat after him, needed a scapegoat. He needed a common enemy to unite his people. They were everywhere, the Jews, and often successful, so they became the source of envy. When times were bad, when something unexplainable happened (like a plague), it was easy to blame the Jews. They had a historical propensity to attract hatred.

Hitler climbed the apex of the world, and from there the Jews looked like a marvelous option. He depicted them as an octopus strangling the world with many arms. He used them as the subject of numerous caricatures, showing long noses, crooked backs, their dirty hands holding young Christian boys ready to pour the children’s pure blood for baking Matzos.

Oh, those were the days, and suddenly, everything bad was the fault of the Jews. They, like vermin, infested every good, fertile parcel of land. They transferred diseases. They kidnapped virgin children to rape them. Worse, they were determined to rule the world. They had to be stopped. The scenario was incredibly effective.

Hitler’s propaganda machine was so successful that the Jews were degraded below the status of a human being. Thus, it was permissible to round them up like livestock, push them into cattle cars and ghettos. There the stories became true as typhus, cholera and other diseases spread. There was hardly any food or medicine. They needed to be eliminated lest the population at large were to suffer.

They were shot en masse and buried in mass graves they themselves dug. They were stripped of any valuables that could be made to serve the German war machine (hair, gold fillings, clothes, treasures, even skin at times) and fed into ovens after a brief stint with Zyklon B. At least the shouts would not disturb the neighbors.

But, something went wrong. After exterminating some six million Jews, with still about the same number to go before completion of the “Final Solution,” the Allied Forces managed to bring Germany to its knees. The world vowed never to forget the sights of the concentration camps, but this promise seems to have lasted barely sixty-five years.

Three years after WWII Israel reemerged as a modern country. The struggle to regain its statehood after an “absence” of two thousand years began decades earlier during the last quarter of the 19th Century with the birth of Zionism. It took more than half a century, but finally happened.

The Holocaust did not create Israel, nor did the world “give” Israel to appease the ashes of the Holocaust. Rather, the Holocaust reminded the world how evil, when uncontrolled, can make men do the unimaginable. Yet, evil has a talent for dressing itself so sweetly we tend to forget, ignore the lessons of the past, and repeat the same deeds. Mankind has a very short memory.

The Holocaust gave the Jews impetus to build even faster, to assimilate any Jew who wanted to return, to stand on his or her own feet and depend on no one. The Jews vowed “NEVER AGAIN,” and meant exactly that. Never again would any one exterminate the Jewish People as methodologically as Hitler, while the world stood in silence (or acquiescence?).

So was the vow and Israel went from strength to strength. The country withstood, like a miracle, the attacks of Arab armies many times its size. It happened in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982. It seemed to the Arabs Israel was undefeatable, and they were livid.

The very idea Jews would exist in the Middle East was unacceptable. They, who had fought with Hitler, who fed him some of the very best ideas he later implemented, needed to rid themselves of this dirt, the blight on their neighborhood. The vermin had once again infested the world, this time the hive was right in their midst.

Terror was tried. It was effective but far from driving the Jews into the sea. A new strategy had to be devised to bring about a true Final Solution.

This time around, it would not be the Mufti of Jerusalem taking a backseat to Hitler. Now it would be the Arabs taking the lead, center stage. It was up to them to clean the neighborhood, to rid the world, once and forever, of the Jews.

It was a moment of brilliance. Unlike the West, the horizon of the Arab political agenda is not limited to four years. They look decades, and at times centuries, ahead with much patience. The West cannot understand such a time frame, thus is unable and unequipped to react.

Arafat understood the way to the Final-Final Solution. He looked at the Jews and decided to use their own narrative. The world bought it, he surmised, so we should be able to use the same as well.

“Against all odds,” “David vs. Goliath,” “the victim” was some of the underlining themes he chose, and then he went further. We need a Country. We need an Eternal Capital. We need Refugees and a Right of Return. We need a struggle of “good (small in numbers) against evil (powerful war machine).” We need to spice it up and make it exciting (sprinkle some blood libels, modern version reprints of The Elders of Zion). Add a sleeping beauty about to be molested by the Jews with the crooked nose and hunched back (how terrible, there was this Jewish student at the Hebrew University who won a departmental award and international recognition for her Master’s thesis why Israeli soldiers do not rape Arabic sleeping beauties).

The world jumped up and down in joy. Finally, yes, finally (sigh of relief), someone is taking on this very important task. Sixty-five years have passed and the Jews again number some 14 million, less than half living in Israel (how easy it should be to eliminate them, all that is needed are a few bombs, the peaceful type Iran is building; yes, they will bring peace to the world that will not have to worry any more). The rest of the Jewish people are spread around the world, infesting, once again, every good and fertile ground.

The world was ready-the plan has been too long in the making. Besides, a new attack on the Jews would provide entertainment, so sorely needed. First, it was “two states for two people,” the very idea that Palestinians, who never existed before, deserve a state of their own, a country torn directly out of the living and breathing Israel.

Then it was designating Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital, as belonging to another. Not a single country has its embassy there, so why be surprised that they all support the idea of a Palestinian capital right there as the natural order of things? Small, inconsequential difficulties like history and archeology could easily be dealt with: archeology removed and dumped, new books being written daily that changed true history. After all, the world was filled with gullible people just waiting to be brainwashed. Israeli professors stand in line to advocate the “right” of others to have their own narrative.

Since Jerusalem no longer belongs to Israel and the Jews, then it stands to reason that Israel must not be permitted to build there. Even the USA reprimands Israel regularly for having the nerve to build on their land. Construction by the Jews in their own capital is prohibited. [Does that remind anyone of the regulations handed down daily in Nazi Germany? Jews no longer allowed to walk in the streets; Jews must wear an identifying Yellow Star; Jews cannot own or operate any more businesses and so on.]

A date was then set: In September, the Palestinians will go to the World Body, the United Nations, the very same body that voted on November 29, 1947, to establish the Jewish State, and ask to be recognized. This will be a formality, for the world-almost each and every member nation-is already recognizing Palestine. Finally, a perfect way to destroy Israel without ever lifting a weapon. Let world hatred and anti-Semitism work for the cause.

The world will cheer and clap, the true aspirations and eternal craving of the Palestinian People to go back to their Homeland of thousands of years is about to be fulfilled. Those Zionist (Evil) Occupiers of the Land are finally to be taught a lesson they – and we all – will not forget.

Everyone knows their roles, rehearsed the lines over and over again. This will be humanity’s finest hour. The world will be all dressed up, waiting for the celebrations to commence, gathered in anticipation for the green line to be given. The adrenaline is already increasing, circulating around: June, July, August-we are almost there. Order the cake! Prepare the fireworks. Let the festivities start!

To ensure the concoction created by Arafat and brewing ever since will reach its perfect state; another ingredient has now been added. Stolen directly from the history books of the Jews. Once it captivated the imagination of the Jews, there was even a whole series of children’s books of the fight against the British: “Illegal immigration.”

Some call it the “Third Intifada.” But truly, it is just the “illegal immigration to Palestine.” Before 1948 the British, in concert with the Arabs, would not allow the Jews entrance into Israel. The Jews used ships to try and enter their homeland and some managed to reach the shores. There, waiting, were the Jews. They gave their papers to the new immigrants, many the remnants of the Holocaust, and mixed with them in such a way that they would become inseparable.

This simple act of exchanging clothes, of taking the new immigrants into their homes, continued until the day the British left Palestine at the end of the Mandate and as Israel, the modern country, came into being.

The Palestinians are now doing exactly the same. Syria is arranging busloads to the border, likewise Lebanon, and there the paid actors march onto the border. On the 15th of May it worked so well Israel was completely unprepared to protect its borders. This despite all the information and indications right out in the open, on Facebook pages and walls. June 5th was set for a repeat occurrence.

There is no doubt this method will be used time and time again-it is that effective. Some die trying to cross the border, but that is good (it hurts Israel, these are fighters for independence, heroes of the struggle against the Jews). Creating martyrs is part of the plan. Some manage to penetrate Israel (one even reached Jaffe), and this is very good, desperate people finally back in the land and homes stolen by the Jews. The outcome is always positive for the struggle. It will continue to be used indeed.

For those approaching the border, a six-month salary is guaranteed. For those who die in the attempt, a handsome monetary reward will be awarded their families. No expense would be spared when such a noble cause drives the events.

June, July, August. Then finally, Palestine, Jerusalem as its Capital and the Right of Return is completed. Now the real struggle will recommence, for there will be no peace and quiet until the Jews are eliminated, finally driven into the sea. The world deserves peace. The world awaits it with dire expectation. It is time, once and for all, for the Final-Final Solution. Hatred will have its glorious day at last.

Ari Bussel
In the series "Postcards from Israel," Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel's on the ground, Zager's counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this "point - counter-point" presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.