Jose Baez Liquidates Dr. Arpad Vass and Gerardo Bloise Alters Evidence!

“It happened on New Year’s Eve. They said everybody hadda leave. They had a warrant in their hand. They wanted to bust the whole band. I said if I ever see Sharon again. I’m gonna punch her face in. You know she’ll turn you in. You better watch out for Charlie’s Girl. Watch out for Charlie’s Girl.” Charlie’s Girl – Lou Reed – Coney Island Baby

Dr. Arpad Vass Misidentification

I swear I thought I saw Casey at Whole Foods yesterday! I know this could not be true, but I did see someone who resembled her. Afterwards, I thought to myself, I must be viewing too many pix of Ms. Anthony that have strong suggestive powers. A parallel of mistaken identification occurred on Monday, when Arpad Vass misidentified a can of air.

arpad vass in court
Dr. Arpad Vass in court

Another problem crops up in Tuesday testimony of FBI Chemist, Michael Rickenbach, who refused to corroborate Arpad Vass’ claims that chloroform was detected at high levels, from the trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire. Rickenbach did detect the chloroform, and was surprised that it hadn’t evaporated, but didn’t think it was at high levels.

Ironic that two prosecution witnesses tend to X out one another. This makes Jose Baez’s job somewhat easier. The flamboyant Dr. Arpad Vass, a walking billboard for the new science of human decomposition, gets a proper lashing from Baez. “Yesterday you mistakenly admitted to the wrong piece of evidence in this case. That was after reading the label on the can you were handed by Ashton.”

We got a chance to take a look at the bags of trash again on Tuesday. Oddly enough, I’m taking as much of an interest in this trash as anything else. An area of curiosity for me is exactly what happens to the trash from the time Casey ditches the Firebird, all the way up to the time that Gerardo Bloise dries the damn junk out, thus destroying it’s pristine evidentiary value.

Jose Baez and a photograph of the trash
Jose Baez and photo of the trash

Bloise claims this is protocol, but why this would be true is a mystery to me. I should think it would be a mystery to the jury as well. For the simple reason that the trash had all the liquid dried out of, this is no brainer, it will kill most of the odor emanating from various pizza boxes, Velveeta Cheese boxes, napkins etc.

Moreover, as Jose pointed out, any DNA on the napkins or on say, the Armor Hammer detergent box is destroyed.

Jose Baez Gains A Point

IE any DNA was cooked to smithereens by evidence technician Gerardo Bloise. Oh yea, I’m reminded, Bloise was following protocol. A procedure that alters evidence, and renders it useless, since it doesn’t represent the true, original state in which it was found at the crime scene. I’d have to give Tuesday for the defense, with Jose Baez shooting down two big guns, Arpad Vass and Gerardo Bloise.

Disturbing Scene

The cadaver dog bits Tuesday and Wednesday were most disturbing. The disturbing part comes in when you find yourself attempting a simulation of Casey’s actions with the body. Not that you want to go there, but Gerus and Bones both were sniffing rather hard in an area of grass, in the Anthony’s backyard, right near Caylee’s cute little playhouse. I believe it’s the image of the dogs sniffing near the playhouse, that has led me to these ghastly simulations.

Again I speculate, but recreations of the moving of the body from the car trunk to the backyard, then ultimately to the Pet Cemetery, may have led me to the spotting of phantasms at WFs. I’m just trying to forgive myself for seeing poltergeists by way of Tot Mom, whose images and actions are foremost on my mind. Again, there are flaws in this ‘canine science,’ just as there are flaws in the new science of air samples.

I finally will admit I’m impressed with one prosecution witness, John Dennis Bradley, and the area of computer forensics. These searches on an Anthony laptop are a little harder to back off.

Internet Searches

Let’s see, there’s Internal bleeding, ruptured spleen, death, self-defense, chest trauma, inhalation, chloroform, and hand to hand combat. Those searches did happen for sure, but it can’t be directly proven that Casey did them.

Computer Forensics Fails

Okay, so the prosecution takes Wednesday. I say this, because I believe that computer forensics is somewhat stronger than decomposition forensics. Seeds of doubt gradually creep into the minds of the jurors. K-9 gives false alert.

Technician cooks significant trash evidence. FBI expert disputes claims of a great amount of chloroform. Decomposition genius wrongly identifies can of gaseous death! One juror has reasonable doubt. End of story. “You’re the kind of person that I been dreamin’ of. You’re the kind of person that I always wanted to love… And you, you really are a queen, such a queen.” Crazy Feeling – Lou Reed