Washington, D.C. and Rome Described as Historic ‘Power Couple’

Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs Reta Jo Lewis said Washington, D.C. and Rome make what could be described as a historic “power couple.”

“I am honored to be here today to witness the signing of this Sister City agreement between Washington, D.C. and Rome. First I would like to thank Mayor Gray and Mayor Alemanno for inviting me here and signing this agreement today.”-Ms. Lewis

According to Ms. Lewis, since Secretary Clinton created the office of Global Intergovernmental Affairs a year and a half ago, she has seen firsthand the overwhelming power of Sister City relationships in citizen diplomacy and cultural exchanges.

“Washington, D.C. and Rome make what could be described as a historic “power couple.” Throughout world history, some of the most significant events have happened in these two cities. Moreover, both capitols are beacons of culture and diplomacy for their respective nations.”-Ms. Lewis

Ms. Lewis said to absorb the history and culture, Americans flock to Washington to marvel at historic sites that are more than 200 years old; meanwhile Italians flock to Rome to marvel at historic sites that are more than 2,000 years old!

According to Ms. Lewis, another aspect of culture is sports and both cities are very passionate about their local sports teams. He said though both countries love their teams, Ms. Lewis noted that both Rome and Washington are the seats of government and the locations where influential world decisions are made.

“Therefore, some might say that in these cities politics was, is, and always will be the sport of choice.”-Ms. Lewis

Ms. Lewis said she believed that the Sister City relationship between Washington, D.C. and Rome will form strong bonds across a wide range of issues including culture, history, and politics. He added it is a relationship between cities, but more importantly, a relationship between the people of those cities.

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