Libels About Israel in Iran TV Go Viral!

Anti-Semitic propaganda is disseminated, in the most crafty manner, by Iran Press TV, in English. The libels are ever so more insidious, and are increasingly becoming one of the greatest threats to the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Who are those American “experts” on Israel and Jews staring on Iran’s TV programs? What exactly they accuse Israel of? How damaging what they say is to Israel?

Last week the Anti-Defamation League released a chilling report. It lists and provides countless examples of methods Iran is using to propagate anti-Semitism and deny the Holocaust: ADL Report: Iranian Government’s Press TV Promotes Anti-Semitism To Global Audience.

Mark Dankof on Press TV

It starts with Iran’s TV English channel, Press TV, that, since its founding in 2007, regularly promotes anti-Semitic positions about Israel and Jews. This is done through interviews with “commentators” and “experts.” These “pundits effortlessly attach to each news’ event libels against Israel. It may not matter to any of us but Press TV is broadcasting these atrocious reports in English, via satellite, that allows viewing these programs of hate and vilification of Israel in the US, Canada, Europe, parts of South America, and parts of Africa. Hitlerian propaganda gone viral.

But it does not end there. The slander of Israel and Jews continues through Iranian anti-Semitic bloggers, many are “public servants” in the Ayatollah’s regime, who propagate in the network “proven theories” about Jews and Israel’s involvement in worldwide conspiracies.

From there the slander and accusations make its way to the social networks, in which thousands of campaigns against the existence of the state of Israel and against the “Jews who control the world” are conducted.

The ADL report reveals a number of Americans, some are quite well known, who, since 2007, have lucrative careers as “experts” and “commentators” on Israel, Jews and Zionism.

So let see who are these characters. But what is even more interesting is the conspiracy theories they promote, and what they accuse Israel an Jews.

First one is David Duke, a New Orleans resident and a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, who was interviewed on Iran’s TV and explained how the war on Iraq was caused by Zionists:

David Duke is one of Iran’s most sought after interviewee. He is a well known characters to anyone who is familiar with the leadership of the neo-Nazis in the U.S. In the past, Duke served as the head of the racist organization Ku Klux Klan, Louisiana branch. His stardom was elevated in Tehran since he took part in the International Holocaust Denial Conference in 2006. Since then Duke operates the Internet site Veterans Today, probably funded by Iran. Among others, for example, the site had published “decisive evidence” that the US Iraqi war was caused by the “Zionists,” who started the war through Jews who “control the media, the government and the global economy.”

Press TV David Duke

Another American star who appears on Iranian TV is Kevin Barrett professor of Islamic Affairs at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who previously accused Israel and the American Jews of the 9/11 catastrophe. Recently, on Iranian English channel TV he has made a claim that Israel has perpetrated the attack in Burgas, Bulgaria, where she killed and injured her own citizens in order to place the blame on Iran.

And there is O.J. Bruce Campbell, one of the greatest world “experts” on Israel’s involvement in the Twin Towers in New York calamity; or there is Gordon Duff, who brings a “sea of proof” that American Jews ushering Mitt Romney for President. According to his thesis, as has his interview was seen on Iran’s Press TV, “Historically, dual loyalty Israeli agents and moderate Jewish voters threaten American presidents, already serving and are trying to be reelected when running for second term.” And that is why the Jews will drive Obama out of the white House.

And we add to this list the face of Mark Dankof, an anti-Semite American, with rich past, from San Antonio, Texas. He won his first publicity, gaining hundreds of thousands fans, in the 60s, when he accused the Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad for being responsible for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Now he promotes the idea that Israel and the Jews are behind the uprising and the civil war in Syria. He details information about a “coalition of gun dealers,” oil corporations and bankers – all “Zionist Jews,” seeking to overthrow the Syrian government in order to pave the way for a military strike on Iran.

These anti-Semitic “big shots” tower the Iranian TV star in English Franklin Pierce Lamb, an American living in Beirut who appears frequently in Left-wing and Muslim media. By comparison he is a lamb in the lions’ den. This until he came out with his sensationalist claims such as having access to a secret CIA report that predicted Israel’s demise within the next 20 years.

What does it all mean?

Those who constantly hear these libels about Israel, the Zionists and the Jews definitely can get the impression that perhaps it is not worthwhile dealing with Jews; stay away from the devil. And thus, in contrast, perhaps Israel and Jews gain benefit here. So long as others fear them Israel and Jews’ position is not bad at all.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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