Illegals From Afar Need to Stay Afar From Israel

I do not live in Israel and thus my perspective on the illegal infiltration of natives from the African continent is based on what I read and see on the screen. However, as my understanding of the situation goes, the way Israel found itself swarmed and swamped by approximately 100,000 people, who entered the country without permission, requires harsh criticism of the country’s apparatus. It is called leadership incompetence.

I read that some of these infiltrators have been in Israel for over five years. Really? I understand one person enters and is given some legal status, even two, and three of them. But that is not the case here. The first ones entered and then stayed in Israel, with no permission and no background investigation and have created a precedent. Probably, people in Israel thought it was kind of cute; the Israelis overlooked the situation and disregarded the fact that it is not at all right for people, who invaded their country without legal consent, to stay.

Israel, A Safe Haven For Illegals

Once the first infiltrators “settled” in, the word that Israel is a safe haven for invasion spread like wild fire. And then when the number of the invaders began to grow and the infiltration flood got stronger, Israel should have then nipped the phenomenon in the bud, not let it spread out of control, as it continues to spread as of this writing.

Now when there are some 100,000 people who already entered the country, illegally, Israel is panicking; Israel you have a major problem on your hands.

First, it is a matter of security. No well managed country will allow people to enter its border illegally. If these people want to work in Israel they need to apply for work permit from the Israeli embassy or consulate in their country, not just break into the country, as a thief in the night, and expect not be apprehended.

If it was a matter of obtaining a political asylum they could have applied for such status in the legal way: enter the Israeli embassy in their country and ask for political protection and then allow Israel’s authorities to decide if the state wishes to cooperate in their case. But no, they found a sucker country to impose their presence, to invade and stay, no question asked.

Health And Education Failing

Then, there is a matter of health. Since these infiltrators did not go through an immigration process, they also did not go through medical check-up and the result, they brought along with them diseases that were long been contained and Israel no longer deals with them. They have reduced the health standards of the country.

Additionally, with their lack of education, they are bound to reduce the quality of the education standard’s poll.

None of these people were running away from their homeland; it was all planned. These people, claiming hardship, found thousands of dollars, needed to pay for the journey to reach Israel’s border. From where does so much money comes into the hands of such poor people? Is it not an enigma? Perhaps Israel’s enemies are paying them these sums to infiltrate the country so they can establish an army from within and in time be able to assist Israel’s enemy to strike the country, as they plan?

Is The Government Incompetent?

The government of Israel appears unfathomably incompetent in addressing this problem.

In 2012 the USA deported at least 400,000 illegals. In Europe the authorities deport such people as well. No one shouts that the USA or the Europeans are racists for deporting people of dark skin. I once stayed in a hotel nearby Orly Airport, Paris, France. There, each night, the French authorities were bringing people, who appeared to be from African countries, for deportation. These people were kept overnight at the hotel, in an assigned floor under guard, and in the morning they were put on planes bound for the countries where they came from. There was no news coverage, just daily routine of deportation. But when Israel has to do the same, the world is up in arms, calling her racist just because these people are of dark skin and Jews are acting to apply the law of their country.

Empathy Versus The Law

Yes, one can have some empathy when seeing the Israeli authorities rounding people up, especially when we speak about people from the African continent. The world’s perception is that suffering in Africa is the order of the day and so these people are seen as victims. But, there is no need to shed a tear, because if we do, then, regardless to color of skin and creed, we need to feel sorry for any and all law breaking people; after all, they broke the law and racked Israel’s sovereignty. If these people really wanted to come to Israel to work and better their life, then why not grab a work permit application, available at the Israeli embassy in their country, and wait for a reply? None of these people were in any immediate danger, as people in immediate danger do not have thousands of dollars to pay to flee, rather they run as fast as their feet can take them with the shirt on their back.

And what about Israel’s sovereignty? With them being able to so easily infiltrate the country, taking over suburbs in various Israeli cities it only indicates to the world that Israel has no sustainable sovereignty or, if it does, it has hard time maintaining it.

United Nations: Unrealistic Demands

One U.N envoy found it necessary to comment about the newly applied deportation process of these invaders, asking Israel to give these invaders some formal labor status. The question is, does Israel need the service of these people so she is to issue such a status decree? Also, why doesn’t this U.N pundit suggest the same to the EU and USA authorities that have been deporting illegals for decades?

In the conflict the Arabs have with Israel, her deeply seeded quest is to maintain the state’s Jewish nature. When 100,000 non-Jewish infiltrators enter the state, illegally, and that flood continues, how can Israel expect to maintain her Jewish character? This infiltration is projecting to the world an image that Israel has no defensible borders, she has no law against illegal infiltration and in fact is open and free for all, and thus the message is, ‘Shalom to all; welcome to Israel.’

How can Israel expect to prevail as a Jewish state this way? More so, most of these infiltrators are Moslems and Islam sees Israel as their land. So in essence Israel has allowed the enemy to invade her and slowly take over.

And then there is the crime factor. People who have no legal status, who work under the radar, at a minimum wage, cannot make ends meet and live up to the host country’s survival standards, and thus will, automatically, revert to crime and that is exactly what has happened and is happening; crime in the towns where these infiltrators set foot and stayed went out of control. In essence, Israel has invited crime into her midst.

Oslo Accords Opened The Door To Terrorists

Israel has a neck to invite trouble in. In 1993, with signing of the Oslo Accords, Israel invited into her land the terrorist Yasser Arafat and his 10,000 terrorist troops and their supportive families, and thus opened the door to Arab terrorists to embed and, at close range, operate against its citizens.

In 2006, when the first infiltrator entered the land of Israel, illegally, Israel left the phenomenon of people from African countries crossing her border, unchecked, and today the state is drowning in 100,000 illegals’ problem; a problem it never had before and thus has no idea how to handle and deal with, overcome and eradicate.

Israel, A Magnet For Illegals

The bible instructs Jews to treat the stranger with kindness – also the orphan and widow; sources: Exodus 22:20, Deuteronomy14:28, 16:9-14, 24:17-22; Ruth was a Moabite and the great grandmother of King David; she was a non-Jew, a stranger, who joined the Jewish nation and married the Jew Boaz.

According to the Bible, the biblical stranger is the one who comes to live among the local residents for a long period of time. Every humane society is measured by its relations with the weak in her midst. In a society where there is no welcoming of the weak, when the strong “devour” the weak, we can say that the law of the jungle rules.

But this is not the case here. These people sneaked in and invaded the country, without permission, and were treated with kindness and support. In return, with time, they acclimated and became confident and their thank you gesture to the host country, in which they live illegally, was to create intolerable social circumstances; they simply cannot remain to live in Israel.

Empathy Tempered By Need For Security

Now is the time for Israel to recognize and thus separate compassion from her needs for security and social stability. These invaders impede Israel’s security and social stability and therefore, all of them, without exception, must be deported.

If they really want to come and live in Israel, the doors to the immigration department in the Israeli embassy or consulate in their country are wide open. If Israel has no diplomatic representation in their country, then they need to travel to a nearby country, where Israel is diplomatically represented and apply there to come to live in Israel.

Paying thousands of dollars to some Bedouin thugs to bring them to the threshold of the state of Israel and from there just cross the border, illegally, is not the right way; such entry is considered illegal by international law and it is unfair to the citizens of the country who wish to preserve their sovereignty.

Illegals from afar need to stay afar.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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