Crossfire War – Palestinians Ignore Mubarak Deadline-US Suspends Aid to Egypt

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Night Watch: EL ARISH – “Hamas can now claim credit for breaking the embargo.” That was a quote from Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland from Rafah as Hamas and the Palestinians ignored the deadline imposed by Egypt President Hosni Mubarak.

She added, “There is a lot of things coming from Cairo to Gaza, and this is also helping the Egyptian economy.” Hamas’ stature has risen not only within the Palestinian community but throughout the Islamic world much like Hezbollah after its war with Israel two years ago. The deadline imposed by Mubarak was not only ignored completely but Hamas bulldozed a new opening in the barrier. More than a dozen Egyptian police were injured by rock throwing Palestinians as they attempted to close the border.

In an expression of its displeasure with Mubarak Washington has just suspended $100 million of aid to Egypt for its failure to control the situation. Mubarak has now joined the ranks of leaders in the region, close to the West that have become weak and powerless, Lebanon Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Mubarak has now been reduced to just issuing statements like calling the situation “unacceptable”, calling on Israel to “lift the siege” and “solve the problem.” [ALJAZEERA]

Beersheba – Jerusalem has responded swiftly to this security collapse by issuing its most extensive terror alert ever as it realizes there are no leaders in the region Israel can work with. Debka reports the alert covers almost the entire highway system in the southern regions of the Negev and Aravah that includes the cities from Beersheba near Gaza to Eliat on the Gulf of Aqaba.

Families of military officers have been relocated to central Israel as military units have been deployed in the south and aerial surveillance increased. Hamas-Jihad Islami-al Qaeda, under Tehran’s guidance, have begun preparations for suicide attacks. Iran has even had the al-Qaeda unit in the area appoint an “emir” a military leader, which means the group is about to become operational. [DEBKA]

Cairo – Western military sources have informed Debka in order for Mubarak to restore order at the Rafah-Gaza Terminal it would require the commitment of 30,000 troops supported by air, naval and armored units. Obviously, Cairo is not prepared for that and risk war with the Palestinian community, which would completely destroy the credibility of Mubarak’s government. But that is a war Tehran and the Islamic Axis wants as Hamas-Jihad Islami-Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades-Popular Resistance Committee establish bases in northern Sinai.

Iran is using its influence in the region to target Mubarak more than even Israel. War against Israel is just part of Tehran’s regional objective of controlling the resources and removing Islamic heads of state still close to the West. [DEBKA]

Khartoum – Tehran continues to lay the regional foundation for that war by scheduling its Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel to arrive in Cairo for four days, beginning Tuesday, and from there to Khartoum for three. Ostensibly, Adel is going at the invitation of Speaker of Egypt’s People’s Assembly (Parliament) Ahmed Fathi Sorour, but in reality Sorour must be a central figure in the anti-Mubarak bloc of Egypt’s government otherwise Adel would not be meeting him.

A similar official invitation was extended to Adel by the Speaker of Sudan’s Parliament Ahmad Ebrahim al-Taher, which means the Sudan front on its Egyptian border is about to become active. Anti-Mubarak uprisings and demonstrations in Egypt’s south could begin in Aswan and other cities. [IRNA]

Beirut – The leader of Lebanon’s Druze community Walid Jumblatt, member of Parliament and member of the Western backed majority, has used an interview with the Dubai based Al Arabiya satellite channel to ask Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah if he is preparing for a new war. The reason being Nasrallah’s belligerent speech during the recent Shi’ite mass celebrations of Ashura in south Lebanon.

Gulf Times/AFP report Jumblatt remarked, as if addressing Nasrallah, “You were successful in mobilizing (supporters) for Ashura and this is normal. But what are you preparing? Are you preparing a new war? When you speak of body parts is a new war coming? The fear is that … there are preparations for a new war possibly similar to the 2006 war, through some pre-emptive (action).” [GULFTIMES]

Jumblatt and Al Arabiya must be aware of Iran-Syria having Hezbollah re-arm to such an extent they are more prepared for war than even two years ago and it was Hezbollah that began the fighting with an ambush in Israel from across Lebanon’s border. The war this year will be also be designed to engulf the 12,000 European units serving in UNIFIL in the south of Lebanon.

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