Tehran Official: Iran Conceals True Number Of COVID-19 Deaths

As many people suspected, Iran has been concealing the true number of deaths caused by Coronavirus. To hide the true number of COVID-19 deaths across the country, officials many times have only reported the number of deaths in Tehran, ignoring numbers coming in from other parts of the country.

The PMOI/MEK organization, likely expected this, and collected and released their own counts and statistics. The total number of deaths now exceeds 94,000 according to the ongoing PMOI/MEK count reported here over the course of the pandemic.

Mohammad-Javad Haghshenas, a member of Tehran’s City Council, told the state-run daily Etemad Online, August 22, “We saw, for example, that we were burying 120 to 130 people in Tehran’s Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery [every day], and then the death toll announced by the Health Ministry for the whole country equaled the number of [people buried] in Behesht-e Zahra.”

Mr Haghshenas said the IRGC filed a lawsuit against him because he followed up on the real death statistics. The official response he received was that he should not report the actual number of deaths.

It was reported in Etemad Online that Iran’s Health Minister sent a letter to tell Mr. Haghshenas that “these matters must not be made public.”

On August 22, the official IRNA news agency quoted Alireza Salimi, President of Iran’s Anesthesiology Association, who said: “The number of patients with Coronavirus disease in the medical community is very high and several times the general population. The colleagues in the medical community are exhausted and worn out.”

The same day, a National Coronavirus Combat Taskforce meeting was held, where President Rouhani announced that a third Coronavirus wave could be coming. Rouhani said, “Today is something similar to the days of (Iran-Iraq) war. When so many patients gather somewhere, this can be turned into a dangerous border like the war zone.” Rouhani added, “We witnessed the war. If we put aside the protocols, yes, we will have the third wave … A lot remains in the dark.”

Against the advice of experts, the Iranian regime plans to hold University Entrance Exams. Many people expressed outrage at this announcement, calling the regime “negligent.”

Speaking about the University Entrance Exams, Rouhani said, “These are huge tasks. I don’t believe in any other country they carry such tasks with such compassion and coordination.”

Coronavirus 50000 Iran update. Image c/o PMOI/MEK
August 22, 2020 Coronavirus Iran update. Image c/o PMOI/MEK

Source of figures : PMOI/MEK

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