Iranian Regime Exerts Covert Influence in UK

Behind the Scenes: Unraveling the Iranian Regime's Stealth Operations in the UK

Amid the backdrop of Iran’s 2022 uprising, London’s Trafalgar Square has become a battleground of ideologies and influence, revealing the deep-seated tensions within the Iranian diaspora. Behind the orchestrated opposition to anti-mullah activity in the UK is the covert influence of the Iranian regime.

This article delves into the orchestration behind these gatherings, identifying the players, their motives, and the impact of their actions on community cohesion.

Trafalgar Square: A Stage for Conflict

During Iran’s 2022 uprising, London’s Trafalgar Square transformed into a significant venue for Iranian political factions advocating for change. This iconic location hosted a major demonstration that, unfortunately, experienced frequent disruptions.

These were not spontaneous acts of dissent but rather calculated interventions by monarchists and agents aligned with the mullahs’ regime, a pattern persisting to this day.

Iran covert influence in UK to seize control of gatherings. Image by NewsBlaze
Iran covert influence in UK to seize control of gatherings. Image by NewsBlaze

Iranian Regime Exerts Covert Influence in UK 1

These groups directly targeted political factions that oppose the Iranian regime, such as the PMOI/MEK, Marxists, and Kurdish groups.

Their method?

Employing anti-regime slogans while simultaneously shouting monarchist chants like “Viva Shah” and “King Reza Pahlavi.” The strategy was clear: to sow discord within the Iranian diaspora community and dilute their unified call for change.

The Actors Behind the Chaos

The assemblies drew a varied crowd, including those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, reportedly recruited from refugee camps with the promise of narcotics, to engage in the orchestrated disruptions.

The primary instigators, according to eyewitness accounts, include:

  • Monarchist Zealots: Loyalists of the old monarchy who disrupt gatherings by drowning out democratic calls with cries for the monarchy’s restoration.
  • SAVAK’s Shadows: Former members of the Shah’s notorious secret police and their descendants, known as “Aghazadehs,” who aim to suppress any opposition to monarchist ideals.
  • Regime Sympathizers: Individuals linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Basij forces, notorious for their aggressive tactics against dissidents.
iran savak loyalists regime agents relatives. Image by NewsBlaze.
Iranian SAVAK loyalists, regime agents, relatives. Image by NewsBlaze

The Derakhshan Connection

At the helm of the monarchist faction is Hossein Derakhshan, a figure who champions the monarchy system in Iran. His followers, often seen carrying portraits of Reza Pahlavi and Parviz Sabeti (the former head of SAVAK), are described as attempting to hijack the narrative of the demonstrations by setting up tents and blocking other groups from participating.

The New Iran Party: A Closer Look

Another notable group is the New Iran Party, led by individuals like Colonel Zabety, a former air force colonel under the Shah’s regime. This party has quickly gained notoriety for its aggressive tactics at protests, where they actively encourage attacks against groups advocating for regime change in Iran.

Subversive Elements at Play With Covert Influence

Elham Borhan, Rukhsara Mohammad Khani, and Li Li Jamali, directors of the so-called “Freedom Stage,” are particularly active in promoting a pro-monarchy agenda.

They claim to support freedom but have been observed attacking and undermining other Iranian groups that oppose the regime. Elham Borhan, for instance, is known for her ties to the regime’s lobbyists and has publicly supported the regime’s nuclear ambitions.

Conclusion: A Call for Vigilance

The presence and activities of these Iranian regime lobbyists in the UK underscore a significant challenge: ensuring that the diaspora’s efforts to advocate for change are not undermined by those who wish to extend the regime’s authoritarian reach.

Casual observers will not see the covert influence of the Iranian regime.

As London continues to serve as a stage for these political dramas, the need for awareness and action to protect the integrity of democratic expressions within the Iranian community has never been greater.

These facts serve as a call to action for community leaders and policymakers to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding the voices of change against those who seek to silence them.