Iran, Covid-19: 30-40% of Hospitalized Patients Under 40

Minister of Health absolved himself of any responsibility for rising tide of casualties

The head of Khomeini Hospital told the state-run news site, Entekhab, today, “The number of patients has increased by five times compared to the last three weeks, and they are in a worse condition.” He said, “Thirty to 40 percent of the patients hospitalized are under the age of 40”

According to Javan daily, affiliated to the IRGC, in a letter to Khamenei, Saeed Namaki, the regime’s Health Minister, absolved himself of responsibility for the growing wave of casualties and wrote: “Before this new ominous wave, I had predicted these days, and informed you of the outcome of the naive negligence.”

Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi told IRGC’s mouthpiece Javan on July 11, “Based on the latest predictions, the situation surrounding the infection and death due to Coronavirus will be much worse in autumn and winter compared to spring and summer. No short-term nor mid-term hope, (less than a year) exist for manufacturing a vaccine.”

While the death toll and the number of those infected with Coronavirus increase daily, Rouhani warned against Coronavirus fearmongering, saying, “It is wrong to create anxiety and fear in people since it will hamper essential social, municipal, and economic activities.”

Iran coronavirus toll chart
Iran coronavirus toll chart. Image c/o

72% of new positive cases require hospitalization

Iraj Harirchi, Deputy Health Minister, told the state TV yesterday, “According to the latest statistics, more than 72% of new Coronavirus patients end up being hospitalized in (less than) 24-hour.” Speaking at Baqiyatallah Hospital, he added, “70 staff members have contracted the virus in this hospital alone.”

In its engineered statistics, the spokesperson for the regime’s Health Ministry announced the number of fatalities in the past 24 hours, as 203 people dead, and put the number of patients under special care at 3,375. Regime agents explicitly state that “special care” refers to those who will die.

90% of the province’s population lives in high-risk areas.

In South Khorasan province, the Director of Birjand’s Vali-e Asr Hospital told IRNA today, “The number of Coronavirus patients is twice the number in March. The figure for those hospitalized in special wards has increased four to five-fold. None of the 11 cities in South Khorasan is virus-free. More than 90 percent of the Province’s population live in high-risk.”

The regime fears an uprising of the hungry

At the same time, the regime’s concern over social uprisings and major uprisings are growing by the day. The state-run daily Jahan-e San’at wrote today, “The officials encourage the people to wear masks. But so far, the Government has not even provided five masks to the poor sector. Because of the economic cycle, the Government has abandoned the people, and then it is afraid of an uprising by the hungry.”

Data Source: PMOI/MEK

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