Trump’s Black Grandson Working Hard For Grandad

Mr. Michael Burkes, Donald Trump’s black grandson has been out in voter-land looking for people who want to leave the DNC’s plantation, or who want to retain the America they had before the democrats started trashing it.

Mr. Burkes has been finding a lot of people, and he’s encouraged them to register to vote.

There is a big difference between what he is doing and what Beto O’Rourke said he has been doing. Michael Burkes is looking for real American citizens, but Beto has been looking for dummies who need to have the voter registration form prefilled for them.

Trump’s Black Grandson, Voter Registration Expert

trumps black grandson mr michael burkes. Cartoon by NewsBlaze
Trump’s black grandson Mr. Michael Burkes. Cartoon by NewsBlaze

Not only has Michael Burkes been working on voter registration, he has documented his success. His aim is to encourage other conservatives to do the same.

Here are two twitter posts that are typical of Mr. Burkes:

Here is a video where he explains how he does it, so others can follow.:

And here is one of the replies to a thread:

Michael Burkes Is A Machine

michael burkes
Michael Burkes

Mr. Burkes is a machine, but he has a big mountain to scale, because Beto sent out 600,000 pre-filled voter registration forms. Voter fraud watchdogs are watching! A Democratic party mailer has been referred to the Attorney General’s office.

Beto’s mailer contained a voter registration form with a checkbox prefilled for “Citizen,” even though it was known not everyone who received the form is a U.S. citizen.

Congratulations to Trump’s Black Grandson and all those who support him.

Michael Burkes Never Gives Up

Even though Donald Trump was cheated out of a second term by the democrats, Michael Burkes has not given up. He is still Trump’s Black Grandson.

In what may be his best tweet ever, Trump’s Black Grandson said of Joe Biden:

“If you need 10,000 Armed Soldiers to protect your inauguration from The People then you probably weren’t elected by The People.”

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