US Urges European Union to Recognize Kosovo

Assistant Secretary Philip H. Gordon for Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs today urged the European Union and all countries to recognize Kosovo.

In his testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe and Eurasia on the Balkans, Mr. Gordon said Kosovo has demonstrated that it’s committed to being a democracy, a multi-ethnic state, that it wants tallo join the European Union.

“The vast majority of EU members have recognized, and recognitions continue. I think there’s been another 15 to 20 over the past year. We’re up to 85 recognitions now. The trend is clear. The European Union would be more effective if all of the countries had recognized Kosovo and we continue to urge them to do so.” -Mr. Gordon

He stressed that the United States has not lost sight of the importance of the region. He added that the United States raised it with those EU members that have not recognized.

“We raise it with the EU members that have because there is a view among most of us that the real future for Kosovo is as a recognized state that is a member of the European Union. So believe me, it is something I tackle frequently with my counterparts, as do my colleagues.” -Mr. Gordon

Mina Fabulous
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