US and Spain Collaborate to Promote Security and Prosperity on Global Scale

US and Spain working side by side

Reaffirming a strong friendship for a very long and shared history, United States of America and Spain today expressed strong commitment on working side by side to promote security and prosperity on a global scale.

In his remarks with Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo after their meeting in Washington DC, US Secretary of State John Kerry says Spain has been an important ally in pressuring Iran to address international concerns about its nuclear program.

The US commends Spain’s contributions to help keep NATO strong. US-Spain military partnership and cooperation on promoting security for both countries is an important component of the relationship.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and President George W. Bush meet for the 2008 G20 Leaders Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy at the White House in November 2008. Tensions have heightened between the two countries.

Secretary Kerry expresses gratefulness for Spain’s recent decision to allow the temporary basing of 500 American Marines at Moron.

“When an emergency arises, we obviously need to be able to respond at a moment’s notice.” – Secretary Kerry

He notes these Marines are helping to make the United States, Spain, allies, and partners more secure.

In addition, Secretary Kerry thanked the Foreign Minister for Spain’s continued support on a number of operations, from promoting a smooth security and economic transition in Afghanistan where the partnership is important; in supporting humanitarian efforts in Syria, which they talked about at some length; and also in combating piracy off of the coast of Somalia.

On the economic era

According to Secretary Kerry, US-Spain bilateral trade relationship continues to thrive, giving both economies a needed boost.

Spain is one of the fastest-growing investors in the United States of America, and American companies now support some 70,000 jobs in Spain, he reported.

Economically, US-Spain’s exports have grown by 11 percent, in spite of the difficult challenges.

In fact, Spanish investment in the United States is now 11.1 percent of total investments.

The United States is the third destination worldwide for Spanish investment as well.

Both countries want to look for more ways to try to grow this economic partnership.

Secretary Kerry reiterates the United States’ view that a strong European Union is critical in our overcoming the broader European economic challenges.

“A prosperous EU is good for American interests and obviously speaks for itself about its own citizens.” – Secretary Kerry

IberoAmerican Summit, 2007: Juan Carlos, Zapatero and Chavez are seated on the right.

To make a prosperous Europe and America, Secretary Kerry higlighted the importance to move forward on the President’s initiative of the TTIP, the [Transatlantic] Trade and Investment Partnership, which the President announced in February.

He says the Transatlantic trade already supports 13 million American and European jobs.

“We know that we can build on that. And we look forward with enthusiasm to Spain’s participation in that, and I am grateful to the minister for his commitment of support and effort for it.” – Secretary Kerry

US and Spain are strong allies

Secretary Kerry stresses that Spain is an extraordinarily valued ally and a partner of the United States, and this year both countries mark the 500th anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s landing in Florida.

“Over the very long and shared history, the United States and Spain have built a strong friendship, and it’s based on common values and on deep cultural ties.” – Secretary Kerry

He says Spanish-American relationship has grown stronger over the years as well.

US Stands Firmly With Spain During Financial Crisis

With the economic crisis engulfing Europe, the United States of America has reaffirmed its commitment to stand with the people of Spain and Europe during this financial crisis.

The United States is following events in Europe very closely, first and foremost because you are our allies and our partners.

US assert that happens in Europe has major consequences for what happens also in the United States. After all, Europe is US largest trade and investment partner.

The United States fully recognizes that the decisions have to be made in Europe, but it has tried to be not only concerned friends, but active partners in helping all of us navigate through these challenging times.

The United States supports the Spanish Government’s approach to restoring confidence in its economy through the recapitalization of the banking sector, fiscal consolidation, and labor market reforms.

Spain is US 11th largest investor

Since 2000, Spain has been one of the fastest-growing sources of foreign direct investment in the United States.

In 2010, that investment stood at nearly 45 billion, making Spain our 11th largest investor. Now much of that investment has been in the green energy sector.

Spanish companies are involved in a number of significant green energy and infrastructure projects in the United States, including a power company in Maine and a rail project in New York, she added.

These projects will provide valuable services to Americans and they also create jobs for Americans.

The United States is glad that so many Spanish companies have already invested in the United States, and it wants more companies to do the same.

In 2010, U.S. foreign direct investment in Spain reached nearly $60 billion.

Meanwhile, trade between two countries is strong as well.

The United States imported $11 billion in goods from Spain last year.

The US exported nearly the exact same amount, 10.8 billion, which is up nearly 25 percent since President Obama launched the National Export Initiative in 2010.

US economic statecraft agenda includes working with the Spanish government

The US is elevating commercial diplomacy, directing its embassies worldwide to focus more on developing trade and investment.

There is much more that the EU and the U.S. can do together to unlock economic activity.

In the meantime, the United States is continuing to work through the Transatlantic Economic Council to expand economic opportunities between the U.S. and the EU.

The United States doing its part by advocating for smart policies, finding and forging more business partnerships, working together more closely on relevant issues like harmonizing regulations and protecting intellectual property, and telling everyone that will listen that Spain and the United States are working together and open for business.

Working side by side

The United States ally and Spain is the United State’s friend. Both countries collaborate closely on every aspect of their foreign policy, from countering terrorism to supporting new democracies, to driving economic growth through bilateral trade and investment.

Spain and the United States are working side by side, such as in Afghanistan, where Spanish troops have made great sacrifice, most recently with the loss of life and injury. And we are just incredibly grateful.

US has a strong bilateral relationship with Spain in working together to help Afghans rebuild their nation.

The enduring partnership between the United States and Spain is rooted in friendship and common values. As NATO allies, both countries have worked closely and comprehensively to support the people of Afghanistan as they rebuild their country.

Spanish troops are fighting the insurgency in Badghis Province and helping Afghan forces take lead responsibility for their own security.

As global partners, both countries are working side by side to solve some of the most pressing problems. Both countries are committed to fighting chronic hunger. Spain was one of the founding contributors to the World Bank’s Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, which has already helped farmers boost productivity, encouraged investments in high-yield technologies, and helped improve nutrition for women and children.

Both countries are working together to help the people and governments of Central America ensure safety and build prosperity.

After the United States, Spain is the second largest donor of development assistance in the region, including its work with the Group of Friends, a consortium of governments and organizations that fosters aid donations. It is actively working in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, so many other places.

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