Arts Express: Tribeca Film Festival 2013, The Long And Short Of It

Tribeca Film Festival: The long and short of it. Short films rule this year, in a surprising and impressive lineup. In particular docs contemplating Fresh Kills, the largest waste dump on the planet and what it may or may not have to do with the anonymous burial ground of Potters Field and a prison ‘death patrol’; and lost and found typewriters in a road movie in reverse, and in connection with the lost art of letter writing.

And short films that in just a few minutes in many cases, say more, and in more unique and imaginative ways, than Hollywood’s assembly line of bloated blockbusters. Where the titles may change, but the movies remain pretty much the same on seeming rewind. Arts Express caught up with some of the directors of these exemplary short films.

The Tribeca Film Festival is a yearly event throughout Lower Manhattan in New York City beginning April 17th this year, and spotlighting dramatic features, documentaries, foreign films, shorts, free outdoor screenings, panel discussions and lectures. The festival was originally inaugurated to promote the cultural revival of New York City after 9/11.

More information about the Tribeca Film Festival is online at:

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**Graceland: Filipino-American filmmaker Ron Morales gets raw and real in a return to his cultural roots in teeming Manila, for this thriller. Touching on just how human relationships get tangled in the tragic Third World web of child sex trafficking, sex tourism and the human organ black market.

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