This Summer, Brangelina Declares Viva La France

With their family expanding like The Brady Bunch, The Osmonds, and The Kardashians, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decide that it is time for a bigger house. The couple known as Brangelina are taking a page out of Johnny Depp’s book, as they purchase a house in South France worth $70 million dollars.

The new house, which is called the Chateau Miravel, is located in a village called Brignol. It has 35 bedrooms, a vineyard, several pools, and a three-mile front driveway. The stone-walled terraced farmland has been replanted with 13 different varieties of olives. The place also includes a stream that runs through it, passing hidden tunnels, flowing water to the moat filling up the lake. The water there is completely enough, for there are 20 fountains.

“Brad and Angelina are thrilled, they love the place and have already been furniture shopping to fill the place as it’s massive” an insider said E! Online. “They’ve already spent almost another million on furniture and the whole family can’t wait to move in.”

The couple has fallen head over heels in love with their new home due to its much expense and the surrounding foliage, which protects the Pitt-Jolie brood from the never-ending paparazzi and their cameras.

“No one will ever be able to get pictures of them relaxing at home, it’s just impossible” one source said.

Brad and Angelina plan to move into their new home later this summer — probably around the same time their twins are due as well.

Sources: Sawf News and X17 Online

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