Ottawa Shooting Update – Police Press Conference at 2:17 Eastern Time

A shooter who killed one guard at the National War Memorial starting at 9:52 a.m. has been killed. The incident continued at the Canadian Parliament where the shooter was killed by Sergeant-at-Arms is Kevin Vickers. Ottawa downtown region is under lock down.

One soldier was killed at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada by what appears to be a single gunman carrying a rifle.

the response war memorial
Guards at Ottawa’s War Memorial

The Response is a tall granite cenotaph with bronze sculptures, that stands in Confederation Square (Wikipedia).

See Google Earth 45°25′26.53″N 75°41′43.79″W

The gunman was observed brandishing a long weapon at the site of the killing and then running toward Parliament buildings with the weapon.

Views of the incident location show a black vehicle and it was originally reported that the gunman had possibly driven to the second location which is quite close, within easy walking distance.

Police have called for people to stay out of the region and roadblocks have been setup to check vehicles leaving the region.

There are ongoing reports of multiple additional incidents in the area but those are not confirmed.

Canada’s current Sergeant-at-Arms is Kevin Vickers, a former RCMP officer.

At the time this story is filed, this is an ongoing incident and it appears that the downtown area will continue under lock down for some time while the RCMP continue to search for any possible additional gunmen and continue investigations.

The identity of the deceased soldier is being withheld until next of kin have been notified.

The soldier was standing routine guard at the War Memorial.

See the original shooting report: Probable Terrorist Shooting in Ottawa – One Gunman Killed, One Soldier Killed