Mother Says Her Last Words to Her Son, Killed in Ashraf

killed in ashraf
Hanif Emami killed in Ashraf by Iraqi forces, using American vehicles and weapons.

The mother of Hanif Emami, a man killed by a bullet to the heart, by Iraqi Badr agents in Camp Ashraf, said goodbye to her son today.

“Your blood is now intertwined with that of Sohrab and Kianoosh and others killed for Freedom in Iran”

“Your goal will NOT vanish in vain, I wIll continue your vow for FREEDOM.”

Hanif’s sister was also injured by the batons of the Iraqi Badr sent to kill them in Ashraf. She, also in tears vows to stay strong and firm like Hanif in her quest for FREEDOM for her people

“Mojahedin and their leader are victims to Khamenie and his counterparts, but they are mistaken to think that we diminish by killing us.”

This massacre will not be allowed by our friends, we shall continue our struggle.

Hanif Emami and his family are in the PMOI Ashraf camp, Iraq, supposedly under the protection of the United Nations.

The Iraqis that attacked the camp used axes, clubs and heavy weapons on the defenseless Ashraf residents.

Video of Mother with dead son and sister.

S Azari(H)
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