Iran Threatens Iraqi Journalists To Write Against Ashraf Residents and PMOI

The Iranian regime has been “inviting” Iraqi writers and journalists to collaborate with the regime and give up opposing it. Their invitations are backed up by offering incentives, and when the incentives fail, the regime’s agents issue threats.

Recently, there have been popular protests in Iraq against meddling in Iraqi affairs by the Iranian mullahs’ regime, and an escalation of public abhorrence against the criminal missile attacks against Camp Liberty. The agents of the Iranian regime’s Intelligence service and the terrorist Quds Force in the regime’s embassy in Baghdad are trying once again to invite nationalist Iraqi journalists and writers to collaborate with that regime or at least stop opposing it, through offering incentives or by directly or indirectly threatening them.

Iranian Agents In The Baghdad Embassy

In order to coerce the Iraqi journalists, the Iranian agents, who work under the supervision of Ali Navidi (head of Intelligence agents in the Iranian embassy) initially contact noble Iraqi writers and journalists and propose participation in setting up a news agency, a newspaper, news-political websites, and TV programs. THey want the journalists to write articles in favor of the regime and against the PMOI. In exchange, they offer the journalists huge salaries. They are also invited to visit Iran under the excuse of “seeing reality with their own eyes.”

When these tricks do not work, the Intelligence agents resort to threats.

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Mr. Safi Yesseri, a renowned Iraqi writer

Mr. Safi Yesseri, a renowned Iraqi writer, revealed this conspiracy and wrote in a statement on 4 August 2013 that the regime’s embassy and Ali Navidi, have initiated a new effort “through Iraqi citizens to cause to yield Iraqi nationalist and freedom-loving writers who advocate rightness, justice and humanity and rise against the wrong, injustice, tyranny and crime…” He added, “[when] they failed in frightening me with judicial threats and threatening with physical annihilation of me and my family, now the embassy has hired an Iraqi with the same profession as ours, and has sent him to me to propose to me working in a big news agency that is going to start its job at the Iranian embassy’s expense. He told me that he is ready to interview me no matter where I am, either in Paris, or Ukraine, Turkey or Moscow; they will pay me any amount I specify.”

According to Mr. Yesseri’s statement, when the embassy liaison found that Mr. Yasseri was not ready to deal over his principles, he was threatened. They said to him, “the embassy has your special files and knows everything about you and is watching your actions and movements.”

Previous National Council of Resistance of Iran Statements

The Iranian Resistance has disclosed Ali Navidi’s role many times. He was in charge of transportation and providing the necessities for the agents who had been torturing Ashraf residents with 300 loudspeakers for 22 months. Haj Ali Navidi had a very close relationship with Sorayya Abdollahi, one of the main organizers of this psychological torture.

The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in its statement dated 14 May 2010 revealed that Haj Ali Navidi, with the assistance of other agents such as Mostafa Mir-Mohammadi and Massoud Khodabandeh by intimidation and offering incentives tried to persuade those who left Ashraf and went to Hotel Mohajer in Baghdad to go back to Iran and work for MOIS.

The statement of 10 May 2011 states that Haj Ali Navidi took a number of Iraqi hirelings and agents associated with the Iranian regime to Ashraf on May 6, 2011. Their purpose was to support the massacre of Ashraf residents on April 8, a few days later. On the day of the massacre, those individuals went to the regime’s embassy, to receive their pay from Navidi.

The NCRI’s statements of 18 February 2011 reads,

“The Iraqi forces set up yesterday two new towers in the southern and eastern flank of Ashraf to install more loudspeakers and intensify psychological torture against Ashraf residents.

These measures were conducted by Ali Navidi and Nasseri in the regime’s embassy, and by Jabbar Ma’mouri and Nafe’ Issa, two agents of the Quds Force, on the scene. Nafe’ Issa returned yesterday from his trip to Iran. At the end of this ridiculous show, the message of Danaii-far, the regime’s ambassador to Iraq, was read out to the audience requesting departure of the PMOI from Ashraf.”

The NCRI Security and Anti-Terrorism Commission calls on all human rights and freedom of speech advocates as well as Iraqi parties and nationalist dignitaries to condemn the suppressive measures of the mullahs’ regime’s embassy against honorable Iraqi journalists and writers and also against freedom of expression in this country.

See also the October 2011 story, Iranian Ambassador in Iraq Calls for An Attack on Camp Ashraf, in which Iraqi agents were reported to be hosted in Tehran.

Also the July 2012 story, Despicable Plan of Transferring Ashraf and Liberty Residents to Hotels.

Haj Ali Navidi is mentioned in both stories.

Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.