Iranian Ambassador in Iraq Calls for An Attack on Camp Ashraf

According to the reports obtained by the National Council of Resistance of Iran from inside Iran, the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq, former Revolutionary Guard Danaii-Fard, met with a number of Tehran’s Iraqi agents (including Ahmad Chalabi, Amar Hakim, Hasan Alshemri, Soudani) who just returned from Iran, to follow-up with the missions instructed to them by the Iranian regime.

A number of Tehran’s Iraqi agents participated in a pseudo-conference in Tehran during September 16-17 and spent more than a week in Iran. They were briefed by the Commander of the terrorist Ghods force, Ghasem Soleimni on the following:

  • Unconditional support for Al-Maliki government.
  • A full-fledge effort to end the US presence in Iraq and preparing the ground for Iranian regime’s evermore influence over Iraq through various means including the appointment of Iraqis loyal to Iran to key positions in security and intelligent ministries.
  • Closure of Camp Ashraf and killing its residents.
  • Representatives of the Iraqi government expressed their commitment to implement the mutual agreement with Khamenei for annihilating Camp Ashraf residents in return for aids from the Iranian regime to commanders of the terrorist Qods force.

    In the briefing for Iraqis by the Iranian regime’s officials, it was emphasized that once the US forces leave Iraq, all those in Iraq who pose a threat to Iran will have to be destroyed since in view of the developments in the region, the Iranian regime would need to establish its line of defence in Iraq.

    The commanders of Tehran’s terrorist networks in Iraq such as Abu-Mehdi Mohandes also met with the Iraqi officials to discuss the necessary coordination required for the planned terrorist acts.

    According to the received reports, the Qods force delivered several suitcases of cash to the Iraq officials.

    On their return to Iraq from Iran, Danaii-Fard met with many of them including Ahmad Chalabi, Amar Hakim, Hassan Alshemri (the Justice Minister) and Soudani (the Human Rights Minister). The meeting was to reiterate commitments made in Tehran. The Iranian regime is concerned that “while in Iran and receiving funds and support, the Iraqi officials make promises, but once in Iraq, they fight and compete with each other for more power and money.”

    Danaii-Fard told the Iraqi officials that no US military forces must remain in Iraq and that Iran will replace the US forces in providing equipment and military training. He also promised to give all the assistance the Iraqi government would require for closing Camp Ashraf and appointed two of his assistants, Nobakht and Haj Ali Navidi, exclusively for that purpose.

    Danaii-Fard also asked the Human Rights Minister, deputy Foreign Minister and Ahmad Chalabi to introduce plans to stop or neutralize the Iranian resistance activities in defence of Ashraf residents’ rights with the United Nations, the UNHCR and the European Union.

    Shahriar Kia

    Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.