US to Attempt to Avert Chinese Sanctions After Arms Sale to Taiwan

China has given a livid reaction to the US’ announcement that they are selling 6.4 billion dollars worth of weapons to Taiwan, according to The Times of India.

China has long opposed he US dealing with Taiwan, because China sees Taiwan as Chinese land waiting to be reunited. However, US President Barack Obama said he wants to maintain a strong relationship with China.

The US has asked China not to sanction them for the deal, who threatened to punish the companies involved.

Obama has worked to keep cooperation with China, saying that they can work together on issues from climate change to the North Korean and Iranian nuclear disputes.

Google revealed that China had been hacking the site and the accounts of human rights activists in early January – an accusation that China denies. Still, it has created more turmoil between the nations, and more could still materialize with the Dalai Lama slated to visit the US in late February.

Obama avoided the Dalai Lama last year for fear of angering China – a move which brought him criticism in the US.

According to TOI, no details have been released on the supposed sanctions that China is planning to levy on the US. One company that is being called a possible target for Chinese is Boeing Co., who has strong ties with China’s aviation industry.

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