President Obama Proud to Host APEC 2011

U.S. President Obama today stressed that he is proud to host APEC this year.

At Kapolei in Hawaii, President Obama highlighted that APEC gave the United States a chance to help lead the way towards a more seamless regional economy with more trade, more exports, and more jobs for our people.

President Obama stated that they made progress in three very important areas.

“First, we agreed to a series of steps that will increase trade and bring our economies even closer. We agreed to a new set of principles on innovation to encourage the entrepreneurship that creates new businesses and new industries.” -President Obama

He said they have agreed to a new initiative that will make it easier and faster for people to travel and conduct business across the region.

“Second, APEC agreed on ways to promote the green growth we need for our energy security. We agreed to reduce tariffs on environmental goods and make it easier to export clean energy technologies that create green jobs.” -President Obama

Lastly, President Obama said they are redoubling their efforts to make sure that regulations are encouraging trade and job creation, not discouraging trade and job creation.

“Our APEC partners are joining us in streamlining and coordinating regulations so that we’re sparking innovation and growth even as we protect public health and our environment.” -President Obama

President Obama highlighted that they have continued their efforts to get the global economy to grow faster. He said APEC makes up more than half the global economy, and it will continue to play a key role in achieving the strong and balanced growth that we need.

Mina Fabulous
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