‘Christmas Shoppe’ Awakens Memories Long Forgotten

Lost but remembered, then a new start…Reach to the soul to change the heart.

When the people of Parrish Springs visit Matilda’s shop, they often leave with renewed hope. Their loneliness, loss, or pain is seen with new vision.

Melody has crafted a wonderful Christmas tale, full of delightful characters that may awaken your “Scrooge” or soften your heart. The story, about Matilda Honeycutt and the people of Parrish Springs is a delightful. One that should be read then shared with others. Those of us lost in the hustle and bustle of the season will appreciate a deeper meaning woven with unspoken words.

The Christmas Shoppe may awaken memories long forgotten. Whether they bring a smile or a tear, you have the power to change your year.

Melody Carson lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys writing from her cabin near the Cascade Mountains. Melody and her husband Chris love the out of doors in every season. She has written over 100 books enjoyed by teens, women and others.

Diane Brown
Diane Brown is a book reviewer and Grandma on the go, with 8 children and 4 grandchildren. She understands the trials of single parenthood, struggling in a budget life and the determination to outwit Murphy's Law.