US and Canada Work Together to Enhance Economic Competitiveness

U.S. Press Secretary Jay Carney today announced that during the course of APEC meetings, President Obama had the opportunity to continue his regular dialogue with Prime Minister Harper of Canada regarding the enduring partnership and friendship between two countries at home and around the world.

Mr. Carney said President Obama has underscored that both countries are working together to enhance economic competitiveness, create sustainable economic growth and jobs.

“President Obama noted the important progress being made on the Beyond the Border and Regulatory Cooperation initiatives.” -Mr. Carney

He said the President also welcomed Prime Minister Harper’s expression of Canada’s interest in seeking to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks and initiating consultations toward that goal. He reported that both leaders discussed the importance of meeting the TPP’s high standard for trade liberalization and addressing outstanding trade and investment issues in that process.

“Together with Japan’s and Mexico’s similar announcements, Canada’s desire to consult with TPP partners demonstrates the broadening momentum and dynamism of this ambitious effort toward economic integration across the Pacific.” -Mr. Carney

He cited that President Obama thanked the Prime Minister for Canada’s participation in the successful operations in Libya, including the leadership of Canadian General Charles Bouchard. He added that the President also expressed his appreciation for the role the Canadian Forces have played, and continue to play in Afghanistan. The Leaders discussed the recent announcement regarding the Presidential Permit process for the Keystone XL pipeline application.

“Both leaders expressed their condolences to President Calderon, the family, and the Mexican people on the death of Mexican Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora and seven colleagues. They look forward to a rescheduled North American Leaders’ Summit with President Calderon.” -Mr. Carney

Mina Fabulous
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