Japan’s ‘immense contribution’ to the United Nations.

Yesterday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon talked to Japanese leaders in Tokyo, and complimented on Japan’s “immense contribution” to the United Nations. Ki-moon accepted the announcement of Prime Minister Yasuo Fukada, which the country decides to bring in Self Defense Forces personnel to the United Nations mission in Sudan (UNMIS) and offer financial backing to develop a peacekeeping training centre.

“I have expressed my appreciation to the Prime Minister for his strong personal leadership and tireless efforts to making the coming G-8 summit meeting in Toyko a great success” Ki-moon stated. “It will be a major milestone in our common effort to mobilize international action on such challenges as climate change, the food crisis and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).”

Both Ki-moon and Fukada also shared ideas on the Korean Pennisula and the desire to move Security Council reform forward. The Secretary-General believed that the people involved in the talks of China, Japan, Russia, America, and the two Koreas will be based on recent excellent response in advocating peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and beyond.

“I am particularly encouraged by the Prime Minister’s commitment to increase Official Development Assistance (ODA),” Ki-Moon said, “and its contribution to implement the Millennium Development Group.” UN News Centre