US Welcomes UN Security Council’s Actions to Prosecute Somali Piracy Kingpins

The United States of America today welcomed the UN Security Council’s unanimous call to all nations in the world to continue their cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of all persons responsible for acts of piracy, armed robbery at sea, and Kidnap for Ransom off the coast of Somalia.

Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said the UN Security Council actions aim to prosecute key figures of criminal networks involved in piracy who illicitly plan, organize, facilitate, or finance and profit from such attacks.

“We also welcome the further practical steps taken by the Council in support of national, regional and international efforts to prosecute pirates, and to enhance related prison capacity.” -Ms. Nuland

She highlighted that the development is the latest indication of growing international consensus that these transnational criminals pose a serious shared security challenge for the safety and well-being of seafarers, global commerce and humanitarian aid.

Mina Fabulous
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