Up Close and Personal With Aspiring Roehampton Leader ‘Ayesha Kahn’

I had the opportunity to speak with Ayesha Kahn, an aspiring leader who enjoys operating and leading Roehampton University this year.

So what is your nickname? What do you like to be known as?

Ms. Ayesha: My name is Ayesha.

What do you study?

Ms. Ayesha: I am studying Psychology. When I was little I wanted to be a doctor but as I grew older, I realised I wanted to see people happy, to be happy and provide them comfort by helping to raise their self-esteem.

What is your dream job?

Ms. Ayesha: I have not sure of my dream job. But I want to be with less complicated people and help them cope with depression.

what do you think of the student fees?

Ms. Ayesha: I have the advantage of having to pay less than the students who are going to enroll this September. I am happy with mine, but I really do feel sorry for the others. Despite that I think they would earn more as well and there is always the availability of a loan. You just can’t moan about it but have to come in terms to handle it rather than cry about it.

What made you decide to run for position as woman officer for the university?

Ms. Ayesha: I consider being in the position as an opportunity for students to see a world in a different perspective not just to have fun but to learn new things.

If you were elected as women’s officer what would you do?

Ms. Ayesha: If I do become an officer, I won’t only organise events to socialise such as a Halloween party but to increase everyone’s knowledge about other cultures. I also aim to show people what many people don’t have and we never think of it like basic needs of food and shelter. I am planning for a debating club where we would be learning about recent issues. Fashion shows, cooking, make-up classes and much more will be good as well.

Who inspires you?

Ms. Ayesha: I have many role models but my most recent one I would say was Steve jobs. He was a guy who gave a new direction to technology. I believe in change for the better. He was a legend.

What’s your favorite colour?

Ms. Ayesha: I love purple and I am always attracted to everything purple.

What’s your favorite film?

Ms. Ayesha: I like ‘Inception’. It is a film done in a different way and totally refreshing.

What made you decide to come to Roehampton?

Ms. Ayesha: I think there could not be a better university for me than Roehampton. It’s beautiful. It’s near my house.

What sets Roehampton aside from any other university?

Ms. Ayesha: It’s the new buildings and offers a green environment. Combination of beauty with brain. By beauty, I mean the university and students. The brain comes from the lecturers.

Legend has it that ratio of women to men is 80:20. What would you do to appeal to all those ladies as women’s officer?

Ms. Ayesha: Ladies are very conscious about how they look. I encourage them to attend yoga classes and enhance their skills in cooking, working in a team and organizing events.

Do you live on campus or off campus?

Ms. Ayesha: I don’t live on the campus. I’ll make sure that campus women has the advantage with regards to their needs in the school. There would be plenty of notices and reminders before any social event. I’ll make sure I’m approachable to whoever has any concern, issues, or maybe just needs a friend to have coffee with.

Kingsley Olaleye Reuben
Kingsley Olaleye Reuben is an author who writes scripts, prose, poetry, and plays, journalistic stories and interviews, manages two blogs and is currently studying for a masters at Roehampton University, and working on his next book.You can contact Kingsley (also known as "The Bard") by email [email protected] or through NewsBlaze.